Well judging by the ratings viewers are loving the content…:stuck_out_tongue:


Its the balance that they seem to get right. Viewers no longer warm to the 13 minute discussion on climate change or politics, those that want that go to News Breakfast and that hasn’t seem to shake the whole market up much anyway.

Viewers want the package deal (including tabloid/ consumer stuff) and Sunrise delivers that.


Obviously, having Nat and a team of Sunrise reporters on the ground for a second consecutive day, covering the bushfires, today is going to help immensely. Not to mention that Nat does a stelling job.


These graphics seem to be getting tackier and tackier.

I don’t mind a small graphic or bug somewhere that says “Special Bushfire Coverage” or similar but the layers upon layers of flames and flying embers are a bit of a mockery to me. The hysteria and dramatisation graphics-wise doesn’t match the very grounded, direct and people-focused way that they cover these big events.


I believe it’s been coming second in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth recently, so I believe it’s doing it’s job.


I don’t argue with that whatsoever. But, they are also in the enviable position now where they can try just about anything and the viewers will still watch them.

Is that a reflection of that program or more so because Today is struggling?

Sadly, I am not a fan of them using a full-themed super either (that they have been doing this year). I found the themed colours so much classier. Like this:


Another morning with Sunrise ahead of Today by over 100,000.


Thursday -

Nat co-hosting with Sam and Eddy presenting News and Entertainment this morning.

It’s Kochie’s birthday today.


Sunrise with another massive win, 110k ahead of Today that dropped to it’s second lowest number ever (the lowest was Friday 2 weeks ago). News Breakfast combined audience was 7,000 behind.


I know you probably don’t have the exact information, but do you know how both shows faired in demos?


The younger you go, the worse both programs perform in the demos. But Sunrise is still the clear winner - I would estimate that it wins in very demo group you can think of.


Monday (11.03.2019): Nelson Aspen is presenting Showbiz today.


Guessing despite the fact it’s a public holiday in most of the country, because it’s not in NSW the show hasn’t been extended until 10am?


Isn’t it only VIC/SA/TAS that have the holiday today ? NSW / QLD / WA / NT / ACT don’t, not really most the country


ACT does.


Interview is on tomorrow’s show.


Sunrise ahead by approx 80,000 yesterday.


It’s Friday so we have Sam and Nat hosting with Edwina Bartholomew on the news.


6am start for Weekend Sunrise tomorrow morning


Noticed those yellow horizontal transition stripes now have “sunrise” text included…