Yeah, I don’t recall her filling in after Sam started as co-host.

Sorry to keep asking questions, when was the last time Kylie filled in on weekdays? I know she filled in on Weekend Sunrise last year.


I don’t exactly have a month but I’m 99% sure it hasn’t been since Sam took over.


I am pretty sure the last time Kylie co-hosted Sunrise was with Kochie August 2011. While she has done a few stints on weekends, I think Kylie should be used more.

But with so many capable fill-in s for Sam on Sunrise- Nat, Eddy, Monique and Angela Cox- I can’t see it happening anytime soon.


Agreed. Thank you so much for answering my questions :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. Saw on a couple of shots today some pretty damaged and chipped pieces of set clearly visible on camera. I think we’ll find they do a refurb of art leading into 2020.

Seven News Content and Appearance

Not even an HD cap and you can still clearly see the wear. That’s testament to how bad it looks:




Those Oscar lower thirds look like a warning triangle


Warning! This award show may put you to sleep.


Last year Sunrise’s special themed graphics always looked really good. Definitely not a fan of those Oscar super nor the one used during the QLD floods.


Tuesday -


Wednesday -


Friday (01.03.2019): Nat is co-hosting with Sam today. Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news.


Well done Nat and Sam this morning holding strong against Jeff Kennett. Well done :+1:


Sunrise was ahead of Today by over 90,000 yesterday with Today slipping to its lowest number for the week so far. Sunrise’s 5-city audience was higher than Today’s national audience.


Monday -

Nat in Victoria for special coverage on the bushfires,with Eddy presenting the rest of the day’s news.


Tuesday (05.03.2019): Nat is live in Bunyip, Victoria, today- covering the local bushfire crisis. Edwina Bartholomew is reading the rest of the day’s news.


Sunrise was just under 300k on Monday with Today trailing by over 100,000.

Edit: Sunrise won all markets incl Melbourne where it was +30k ahead.


Tuesday -


Have to say for commercial breakfast TV, Sunrise does rolling coverage the best.

Now, their everyday content on the other hand…