Good to see Sharyn Ghidella join the coverage



Nat is reporting from Townsville for special coverage with Eddy presenting News and Entertainment again this morning.


Great coverage by Sunrise on the Townsville floods. They had experienced reporters on the ground and the packages had variety and compassion. Nat interviewed residents, toured homes, flew over flood-ravaged areas and assisted in rescues.

They also lead the show with these reports, whereas Today chose to lead with a story of national signifance- the findings from the banking royal commission that were released more than 12 hours earlier.




Nat hosting with Sam and Eddy presenting news & entertainment.


Sam interviewed Kochie in Adelaide this morning on the National Australia Bank fallout


Eddy will be reporting from the Grammy Awards on Monday morning.


All the team now in place for the new year. Great chemistry.






At what time during tomorrow’s show will Kochie mention his latest MediaWatch embarrassment?

Or do they bank on Sunrise viewers not knowing where ch2 is let alone MediaWatch?


New promo features Sam and Nat presenting together as one of the final shots. Good to see that included as it’s been a regular thing for a while now.


Wednesday (13.02.2019): With Eddy in transit, Nelson Aspen is on Showbiz today.


She was live around 7:50…



Nat co-hosting with Kochie and Eddy reading news.


Anyone got captain of how revamped news set is used on sunrise?



Better use than for the news but that is a damn big screen to just have a logo on it and nothing else. Hope they develop some nuances over time.


I agree, it’s bigger than the main screen is there which they use to show footage, so it kind of looks awkward.


I think it looks incredibly messy, the angles are all off IMO.

In the wide shots it seems silly that the side screens for the news set is larger than the screen behind the hosts, I still hate that arrangement with them with the small screen and the towering light boxes behind them.