So the farewell that came back on after the commercial break must’ve been live…


Baz today has flown back to Perth for Greek wedding
Surely he want fly back to Sydney tonight… Or will he :thinking::thinking:


Mike Amor is filling in for Basil tomorrow.


At the end of Seven News tonight, Kay McGrath said Sunrise will have special extended coverage on the Townsville flooding. I am ecpecting one of the anchors live on location.


Technically tomorrow’s show has always been scheduled to be extended as it’s on until 9:30am when the cricket starts.


Did she say extended? I know she said 5.30am which means it won’t be live in Qld, the state where the flooding is occurring.


“Sunrise has special coverage from Townsville from 5.30 tomorrow”

Townsville Floods 2019

That’s what I thought she said.


Sorry, I don’t have a video to quote her exactly- hence the absence of quotation marks.

I didn’t mean that it was an extended edition of Sunrise, just that they will have more coverage of the flooding than they usually would (and rightly so). Perhaps I was not clear.


Thought this might be easier

Link = Townsville Floods 2019


I love the Cash Cow. She needs a greater profile on the show.


The Cash Cow should be the main fill-in when Sam is away.


Or she could sit between Sam and Kochie


I reckon Sunrise are sending Eddy or Nat, that’s why Eddy wasn’t on WS today. Strange for Monique to return from holidays on a Sunday.


Nine is trying to poach the cash cow when her contract is up. She is being very careful not to take any uber trips.


Monday- Nat is reporting from Townsville with Eddy presenting the news in the studio



Jesús those colours are ugly


Looks alright onscreen


Didn’t know that Nat wore glasses