If only they were the regular team.


Sunrise won the week by an average of approx 60,000. Today was ahead in Sydney by an average 10,000 and Sunrise won Melbourne by 20,000.


Noticed a news flipper typo this morning. Trump’s face says it all!!


They’re everywhere!! 9News Brisbane last night had tennis players progressing to the “thrid” round lol


I rarely watch Sunrise but I think most of the time I have lately I’ve seen at least one error in the show.


Wow that’s a bad coincidence. I watch most days and rarely see one.


You had one job


I’ve spent several minutes trying to find the mistake… I still don’t see a typo?


Safety vs Saftey


Monday -

Mark Beretta is back presenting sport.


Ouch. A little embarrassing that I didn’t catch that after so many reads -_-


I read it too and didn’t pick it up, I’m usually pretty good at picking these things up :rofl:


Gretel Killeen dropped the F bomb on the Newsfeed segment this morning :joy:


…and here comes them dogs feeding from News Corpse in 3…2…1 writing another rubbish article about ‘Sunrise slammed for panelist unleashing the f-bomb’.


I think that was the third F-bomb on Sunrise since 2002.
The first one was from Sue Butler from the Macquarie Dictionary in 2003 in an interview with Kochie and Mel.

The other one was in 2012 from a surprised Cash Cow winner.

I don’t think there’s been any others, but I’m happy to be corrected.
Was it bleeped in QLD, SA and WA?


I remember that one when it happened, I’ve never seen an interview wrapped up so quickly and then they threw to a break and had a big apology afterwards. Nobody expected that she’d actually do it!


Also the Grant Denyer bungee jump:


Completely forgot about that, thanks for reminding me!


Friday (25.01.2019): Nat is co-hosting with Sam this morning. Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news.


Haven’t watched Nat in years… only on the early news these days… I would still watch that program but can’t stand Armytage, Bartholomew or Mac.