WTF did I just watch?


God I remember when that first came out!


So do I.

They were the very early days. And it worked.


I was unaware of this and have never seen it - wish I still hadn’t!


Great way of showing the chemistry the team had. They did Love Gwneration a few years later- I can recall Nat singing in a kombi van, and AOK and Lisa Wilkinson.
I actually suggested just recently that it was time they did a new song. Could be fun!


Flicked on Sunrise earlier this week and saw a bit of the team banter. Is it just me or does Kochie always seem to try to be funny and cringeworthy at the desk? I used to like him when Mel was still on because she was able to control him, but now I think I understand why people hate him more than Karl (who btw, is nowhere near being my favourite presenter).


Are you going to mount a campaign to get Kochie sacked too now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Depends on if I get sacked or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think Kochie has always been a bit of a d***head on Sunrise (at least on TV, can’t comment on what he’s like behind the scenes/away from the camera) but as you say, he was at least somewhat tolerable when Mel was still there.

This will never happen, but I personally wouldn’t mind seeing David Koch permanently replaced with Paul McCarthy (the Australian actor/comedian) doing his Kochie impersonation. Now THAT would really be breakfast TV worth getting out of bed for every morning! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And still does pretty well when Nat and Monique are hosting.

I don’t watch much morning TV these days but I still think Sunrise is in a former shadow of itself. If Today can make the most out of Sunrise’ weaknesses then Sunrise might be in a bit of trouble in future.


I agree that he tries to be a bit funny but I find it depends which hour your watching. After 7:30 they start to move away from the newsy type stories to more the consumer, entertainment stuff which is when I find he starts being a bit silly.


But mostly it’s harmless, daggy stuff. They need to show their personalities and make things lighter and chattier at breakfast. That’s always been Sunrise’s strength IMO.
Only yesterday people were criticising Georgie and Deb for showing no personality on Today.


Sometimes being silly is good… and it certainly hasn’t scared off many viewers.


Sunrise has changed and evolved over the last 17 years. They’ve retained their sense of fun, nothing too risqué, but cut out the OTT stuff like dress ups. Anyone remember the “Reject the Recession” dancers? Lol. Weekend Sunrise had the live studio band for 6 months or so.


But Sunrise sometimes takes silly to new lengths. For example:

  • Undercover Koch
  • Debate about Stolen Generation
  • Kirsten Davis + Sex and the City debacle


Friday (18.01.2018): Nat is co-hosting with Sam this morning and Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news. Nathan Templeton is presenting sport as Beretts is hosting Seven’s coverage of the Tour Down Under Cycling in Adelaide.



Eddy is hosting Weekend Sunrise for the next couple of weeks.


Mon is definitely due a break!


Not a bad team tbh