I can’t remember if it was in Boland’s final few months or not long after Pell started. They tried it on two occasions, months a part, as seen above. Each stint didn’t last more than a fornight (the Sam, Kochie and Nat one, I think was three days).


I remember this!

I am 95% sure it lasted a week and it was not long after Michael Pell took over.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunrise follows Today and extends to 10am for the reminder of the week and into next


Interesting, thanks.


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Tuesday -

Nathan Templeton is presenting sport for the rest of the week, with Mark Beretta hosting Seven’s coverage of Tour Down Under Cycling in Adelaide


It shows familiarity is key with Sunrise recording a solid metro figure yesterday with wins in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

I also think that yesterday was one of their best days nationally (including regionals) in a long time.


Because Sunrise is a family. Happy, scandal-free, diverse (with the exception of skin colour) and the content is great. It’s a conversation starter, provocative, familiar, reliable and trusted.

Today has delivered some but not all of that at various stages of the past 12 years or so. But never consistently and that has been its downfall.


Not sure if I’d say that. Remember Sunrise getting into hot water over a segment discussing indigenous children in March last year which ultimately lead to a breach of the ACMA Commercial TV Code of Practice?


Yes I remember and I would put that in the provocative category. Most viewers couldn’t care less. They do care about scandals involving the personal lives of presenters though.


Sunrise’ presenters are polarising to say the least, but at least they get along well and the show generally flows in a good direction.

Today was (and still seems to be) a bit lost in direction and everything just doesn’t flow as well, not to mention the fact that Karl and Georgie used to hate each other.


And for moments like this:


The weather segments on 7 and 9 have always been goofy. Viewers tend to react well with those. You go onto YouTube and there is numerous videos promoting that.




He ran her down to the ground in the back of an uber. That recording wasn’t fake.


Did he actually say he hated her?


No he didn’t. He vented about a colleague to his brother on the phone, it was Peter who then stupidly brought the Uber driver into the picture.

I’m not Karl’s biggest fan but I doubt he would stupid enough to deride his co-host in a public place where strangers could hear.


He criticised and expressed dislike. It doesn’t matter if he used the word ‘hate’ or not. They didn’t get along that well and it shone through. Viewers want presenters to get along. They know relationships aren’t perfect and there are ups and downs, but they also don’t want to see forced attraction or chemistry. Given what was being routinely reported (rarely denied), I suspect people watching Today concluded they were being presented to by a couple that were being false.


A few tweets from the Sunrise team calling out the Daily Mail for again making up stories, this time re: a fictitious email congratulating them on beating Today.
So far Michael Pell and Kochie have exposed them.


Said tweets