Maybe Seven couldn’t have predicted the major casting changes that Nine would make to Today, but they definitely would’ve been aware about the status of the Australian Open broadcasts since (at least) June 25 when it was publicly announced that Nine would have them from 2019.

I personally don’t doubt that Seven would’ve been aiming to have the full Sunrise presenting team on board during the Australian Open, regardless of whether or not the network has the rights to show the tennis.



Whose family has a cow in it? :joy:


Just check Jan 15 2018 all were back then


They usually are back that week, not sure why we’re thinking otherwise?

Most 6PM news presenters return next week.


The Sunrise family… d’oh!!! :slight_smile:


Nelson Aspen back on Monday as well.


Today, in the first hour, I have seen the promo four times. Great that they are trying to push family idea.


Yes I’ve seen it quite a few times, but despite switching over to Today half a dozen times or more, haven’t seen any promos there for their new line up.


The battle is on. For some reason Sunrise is on until 10am on Monday.


For my birthday, of course! :slight_smile:


James Tobin is back presenting weather this weekend.

I vote he keeps the beard :joy:


Sunrise fully on board with Scott Morrison’s bullying of local councils.


Good on him.


How does that make them “onboard” when they are just covering a story and asking a question that highly relevant.


And the two opinion guests they had on were very much slagging the PM and his proposal.


Saying they are “rogue councils” is not her just covering a story.


@OnAir Congrats! Moo :cow2:


Monday 14 January -


My first post!!
I’m wondering when (and for how long) Sunrise (briefly) trialed a 3 host presenting lineup. Photos are attached (from Today thread)