Okay. I’m not sure the two are related but I respect your opinion.


Whatever happens I hope it becomes permanent. I want to see news in the morning, not Justin Bieber’s latest toys. In that sense less entertainment is better.


I’d say they’re doing longer news segments because they’d be making do with a few less of the producers who do the fluff and bubble at this time of year.


Simple solution watch News Breakfast! :ok_hand:


With the Cash Cow back on Monday and Sam and Kochie on the new promo, do we think the regular team might be back Monday 7th, to get a week’s head start on the new Today team?


I hope not. These people deserve holidays.


Monique and Basil also hosting this weekend.


Is that 9 days straight?


When they do take a few weekends off, I hope it’s Eddy or Ange Cox filling in…


It is a shame that we haven’t seen Angela Cox filling in this summer.

Beautiful consistency.


It was a very quick ending here in Qld but I thought Basil said, “See you on Monday morning.”…


True l’ve missed Angela and Matt Doran this year.
Angela is in America on holidays.


I didn’t hear that mate… But he did say me and Mon will see you tomorrow morning.


Sunrise finished at 9 in Qld… would we have had a pre-recorded ending?


Because of the cricket, QLD gets a pre-recorded closer for about 10 seconds (completely different to the rest of the country). Basil likely meant “we” as in “Sunrise”. @Salty is likely right.


That’s nothing compared to Michael Usher working every day since December 16th…


Sam Mac is back from holidays on Monday.


Bianca Stone is reading news again this weekend.

Monique and Basil reading the weather forecast with James Tobin still on holidays.


Like how they’re using the weekend team through the week. And using Bianca to read news is also clever, using members of the wider team. Angie Asimus and Kendall Gilding were also great.
I expect that Eddy will get a go on weekends soon. They’ve done that in past years.


I also think that Seven should swap Angie Asimus and Sally Bowrey.