According to online guides, Sunrise will be shown across Northern Territory at the earlier time of 4am local time from Boxing Day (Wednesday) to Friday, and 5.30am local time on Saturday and Sunday, so the program can air in full before each day’s play during the third cricket test between Australia and India.
In WA, Sunrise will air until 9am every day on the main channel during the Boxing Day test, while the first 90 minutes of the first session of the test is on 7mate.



Boxing Day-

Edwina Bartholomew hosting with Chris Reason.
Chris and Edwina also reading weather forecast.

Kendall Gilding reading news and Nathan Templeton presenting sport this week.

Thursday & Friday -

Mike Amor hosting with Edwina.
Mike and Edwina also reading weather forecast.


Busy day for Mike Amor… I’m assuming he flew out last night straight after the news. I wonder if hes presenting tonight in Melbourne?


Yes Mike is presenting tonight in Melbourne then he heads back to Sydney as he is hosting Sunrise again tomorrow morning.


Again, why not just get Blake or Jacqueline to fill in?


Sunrise Brisbane reporter Bianca Stone reading news this weekend.

Monique and Basil reading the weather forecast this weekend.


Monique and Basil are hosting Sunrise this week.


I heard that too but did he mean “we” as in him and Mon or “we” as in the show will see you tomorrow from 5:30am?


It wouldn’t surprise me if both are hosting for the week.
Monique mentioned that JT was on holidays and she said ain’t we lucky we are working over summer.
Also Edwina is now on holidays.


Would be great to have the Weekend Sunrise team host tomorrow. Basil and Monique are great and would certainly be more watchable than that mess called Today.


It would make for more suitable subs than Chris Reason.


Definitely. It makes more sense for someone from WS to be used as substitute rather than someone plucked from elsewhere.


Basil hosting with Monique. Angie Asimus reading news and Nathan Templeton presenting sport this week.

Basil and Monique also reading the weather forecast and Entertainment.



Has anyone else noticed that it appears the news, sport and weather has been extended?

For example, it’s 8:12am and they are still on news.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Pleasantly surprised with @Salty’s last cap on the NYE show: a live cross to a big international story at :16 past. I mean, totally not what the usual audience expects and may want to see, but wow.


Sunrise do two news stories after their news,sport, weather block in the 6am hour, which has been the way since at least 2011. Why wouldn’t they cover an international story if it is leading the news? It was even NYE Day related.

Remember that they have an extra 30 minutes when the cricket is on.


What’s the show being on til 9:30am got to do with the news, sport and weather being extended? :thinking:


They have more time to do more news!