Maybe she did it some days only? Can’t really remember …
All of the hosting and broadcast history is on Wikipedia.


The promos I’ve seen (such as this one - I’ve also got the Olympic Sunrise promo somewhere so will find that when I get the chance) would suggest that Joanna Griggs, Andrew Daddo, Chris Bath & Georgie Gardner were all part of Olympic Sunrise in 2000. Perhaps Jo & Andrew were the main hosts while Chris & Georgie shared the newsreading duties on different days?

As for Mark Beretta, I’m fairly sure he presented Follow The Flame with Georgie and also had some level of involvement with Seven’s general coverage of the 2000 Olympics but I don’t know if he was ever part of Olympic Sunrise.


Pretty sure you’re correct that Mark and Georgie hosted the torch coverage each afternoon, prior to the news maybe?
Mark wasn’t part of Olympic Sunrise


@OnAir love it! Moo :cow2:


Monday 24 December -

Nat hosting with Chris Reason.

Kendall Gilding presenting news and Simon Reeve presenting sport.

Nat and Chris also doing the Entertainment news this morning.


Nice to see Simon back filling in on the weekday show. I think the last time was in mid-2016. Not too keen on the other two (why don’t they use members from WS).


7 have so many solid performers to choose from to relieve over Christmas/NewYear.


I’m really enjoying Kendall on the program this morning. Hope she fills-in more often


Her banter is fine but she was overly cheery during the 6am news.


What’s wrong with cheery banter? As long as it’s not happening in the middle of serious news stories, before or after is fine.


During the 6am news:

Eddy isn’t my favourite newsreader on Sunrise but she does better than that.


But that wasn’t cheery banter. That wasn’t banter at all. That’s newsreading.

Maybe you think she should be doing that story with a much sterner or serious voice but that’s different.


That is what I am talking about- it is cheery. I was saying that her banter with the team though is fine, in direct response to @MelbTV Never said cheery banter.


Has everyone seen Sam Mac totally burn @nationalnews on Twitter?

Haha it was great!



Sorry mate @nationalnews, but it was hilarious! :joy:


Ain’t we lucky you made us aware of this… :roll_eyes:


Way to put a downer on some fun. He thought it was funny too. Lighten up. :roll_eyes:


Making fun of another member on the forum is pretty low mate.


Sure. That’s exactly what I was doing. :roll_eyes:

He even posted the post here himself… couldn’t have been too offended.

Apologies @nationalnews if I embarrassed you.