Well it has been advertised a lot on 7plus so no doubt Netflix aren’t paying 7 something, and some promotion on Sunrise for an Australian production is never a bad thing.


There was an additional hour from 9am-10am local time for extended coverage of Cyclone Owen, just for Queensland:

Nice to see a liveshot and hear a plug for Seven News tonight with Kay McGrath.


They probably should’ve moved the Christmas trees out of shot though…




I would’ve thought the answer was obvious: Because it’s inappropriate during rolling coverage of a cyclone.


A bit of a non issue really IMO, Christmas doesn’t stop just cause there is/was a cyclone coming which has weakened significantly and downgraded to a category 2.


I was wondering why they had a quick pre-recorded closer today to conclude the program, rather than the usual chat on the couch. Must have been due to the Qld only hour.


Monday & Tuesday -

Michael Usher hosting with Nat.

Angie Asimus presenting news with Nathan Templeton presenting sport and Nelson Aspen is presenting Entertainment.


Wednesday- Kochie is back on the desk hosting


With Angie Asimus still reading the news and Nathan Templeton on sport.

Nelson Aspen has been pre-recording packages for Entertainment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead of a live cross.


Probably cheaper for them to send a package over than have a satellite link?



I don’t think that is entirely true. Adam Boland liked Georgie and Mark Beretta- they hosted Olympic Sunrise for him in 2000. What happened was that in early 2001, the network planned a breakfast show (probably a lot like today’s Sunrise) with Lisa Forrest and one of the Daddos, I think. So Boland’s Seven News Sunrise was going to be dumped and he was to be a segment producer for this new show. But, in the end, the network deemed it too expensive and stuck with the 90 minute bulletin. The only problem for Boland was that Berretta had moved back to Seven News Melbourne and Georgie Gardner was poached by National Nine News Sydney. That is how it became of Melissa Doyle and Chris Reason.


Not quite true. Georgie was definitely sidelined. She became a fill-in at seven after Mel replaced her and she got limited air time… that’s why she joined Nine as a weather presenter.


No they didn’t.
Jo Griggs and Andrew Daddo did. Chris Bath read news. IIRC.
Georgie and Mark hosted Sunrise after that until the end of 2001.
Mark told me himself in an email back then that he liked hosting Sunrise but the network was taking the show in a different direction.


I am not going to argue but I think Seven News Sunrise was axed briefly. When it returned, Mel hosted.

Georgie was definitely a part of it. Host or news I don’t remember.


Georgie & Mark co-hosted follow the flame if I remember correctly. I cannot quite remember who did Olympic Sunrise. But Daddo and Griggs sounds about right.

There are YouTube clips of Georgie and Mark presenting together, and when the hosted a function earlier this year they alluded to it being a while since they had hosted anything together in their respective Instagram posts.


Andrew Daddo and Johanna Griggs definitely hosted Olympic Sunrise in 2000 with Chris Bath on news.


As seen in this clip from day 1 of Olympic sunrise.


Georgie Gardner looks like she is on news in the above clip.