There is a TBA for 6am on Christmas Day. Normally NBC Today would air on Seven in Sunrise’s place on Christmas Day but guides show it’ll air in its normal early morning slot.

Possibility of Sunrise (or a very cheap edition) of airing?


Last year Seven showed an NFL match on Christmas Day in the Sunrise timeslot, so who knows?


A repeat of Woolworth’s Carols In The Domain scheduled for 6.30am.
6.00-6.30am- TBA


Obviously it’d be unrealistic to expect full-on breakfast shows on December 25 (the cast & crew also deserve to have be at home unwrapping presents with their kids or whatever they do on Xmas morning), but surely there could be a pre-recorded show with all the highlights from the year + windows for live News Updates which could be presented by whoever happens to be in the newsroom at the time?


Agree entirely. Thought that for years.


The problem is it’s not ‘whoever happens to be in the newsroom’ at that point because there isn’t directors, camera people (if required), producers, graphic staff just hanging around then. It requires a whole extra staff not otherwise working to fill a small amount of on air time.

I’d suspect (from experience) most of the reporters working at that time on Christmas Day (pre-9am) are not fully fledged reporters but junior deskies, assignment staff.


I don’t think we’ll see any news output.

And for once, I hope it stays this way.


Louise Momber on 9
Rob Scott on 7

Talk about an on-air rivalry!


Are they a couple or something?


Married with kids as pointed out by @WATV


Does anyone else find it odd that programs like Sunrise promote Netflix shows for free? Given Netflix is effectively a competitor to Seven, I can’t understand how it makes business sense to be using your premium tv programs to give free publicity to shows that air on rival channels.


Who says it’s free… maybe Netflix is paying them to have them on?

Personally, I find the UK and US models of these programs, where personalities can appear regardless of their network, opens up much more opportunity.


I think they’d need to disclose that.


Nathan Templeton in for Beretts this morning


Sam went home early yesterday after the 8.30am news.

Friday (14.12.2018): Nat and Michael Usher are co-hosting this morning. Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news and Nathan Templeton is back on sport.


As noted elsewhere - Sunrise live into Queensland tomorrow for Cyclone Owen coverage


Chris Reason hosting with Monique this weekend.

Paul Burt is presenting the weather from the Gold Coast this morning.


Leasa Goddard reporting again from Qld- she’s terrible- stumbling over what’s she’s saying, boring


No they wouldn’t?
Cross promotion is no different to an advertorial. It happens all the time.


I doubt they would have paid a dime.

Netflix’s comms team would have offered up interviews and Sunrise saw it as a good chance to fill 10 minutes or however long.