Oh dear :cow:


Here is a one-on-one interview with Kylie Gillies and Mel B. It shows she would have been more than capable of replacing Mel and is under-utilised on The Morning Show (I am not suggesting a change now):



They have the continuing Karl soap opera to thank for that, Lisa Wilkinson for leaving and Hugh Marks for not trying harder to get her to stay. Sunrise wins by default.


Still, they did a reasonable job throughout the year.


Can’t we just acknowledge that Today has always been offering a crap product. The “continuing Karl Soap Opera” wasn’t there 8 years ago when they were still loosing.


Who cares about eight years ago? Today has been competitive in recent years and now they’re not. Sunrise isn’t offering a superior product. They both do pretty much the same thing and neither really distinguish themselves with standout, groundbreaking content. Sunrise wins because the on air team is more familiar to the audience and aren’t constantly mired in controversy.


Or as some might say it, a slightly less trashier show (though there isn’t that much difference) compared to Today.


They have slightly more engaging and relevant stories. One of their stand-outs is their ability to lure A-list guests too.


My point was that the Karls media attention is not the whole reason they are loosing (because it wasn’t there in the past) its a combination of various factors which have been mentioned above now…


Today just feels stale… Sunrise is lucky to have the Martin Place studio.


I agree. If they didn’t have that studio I imagine it would be a very different show and engagement.


I’m normally a Today viewer in the morning, but i’ve gotten a bit sick of Today recently and now that we finally have 7HD, have decided to try watching Sunrise.

I’ve found Sunrise to be better than Today over the last week that i’ve been tuning in.
I’ve enjoyed the presenting duo of Sam and Nat, with Angie doing the news, I wish this was the permanent setup!


I have done the exact same thing. Great chemistry all round.


Sam seems more relaxed while hosting with Nat, allowing her full potential to shine (hardly happens when hosting with Kochie).



Friday -

Edwina is presenting news this morning.


By the looks of the extended guide the weekday edition of Sunrise will be extended to 10am on when there is a Cricket match scheduled.

Yesterday finished at 10am and it’ll be the same today too.


Spouses go head to head today must be a first
Louise Momber presenting Perth today news
And her Husband Rob Scott presenting sunrise Perth news


Monday -
Nat co-hosting with Sam again this week with Edwina presenting News.