Nat & Sam were also hosting.


Friday -

Nat co-hosting with Kochie and Eddy presenting news and entertainment.


Kochie is now on Holidays for a few weeks


Saturday -
Christmas decorations in the studio.


Haha how out of place is that tree in pic 3!


Really enjoy Basil on Weekend Sunrise. Great sense of humour and seems very genuine. He’s got a massive workload though.

Keen to hear what others think. I prefer him to Pete Stefanovic.


He is great and works with Mon better than AOK. Basil will never replace Koch though.


Anything is better than a Stefanovic


Lisa Goddard has been Sunrise corespondent this weekend reporting on the Qld fires. Hope that isn’t a permanent role. They tried her once before. She is so dull and bland.


I have to agree. The show, both weekday and weekend, have an amazing and versatile team. Everyone seems to be able to work well together and be matched up without notice and it just works.

Basil has been an excellent addition to the show.


No Hopman Cup for Bazil to work on this summer hopefully he has a long summer holiday for the 1st time in years.


And no Australian Open Tennis commitments in January.


Nat hosting with Sam and Angie Asimus presenting news,Nelson Aspen is presenting Entertainment.


Not so subtle sledge at Today by Pell:


Valid point though.


I thought it would be:

And that it would be the



:face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I’m not following the point you’re trying to make?


Is this Leisa Roles? Former Ten journo for well over a decade, including former US Bureau Chief prior to Rahni Sadler?


Yes she was reporting for Weekend Sunrise over the weekend for coverage on the Queensland fires.


Probably a question I should already know the answer to by now, but do the correspondents generally not work weekends and if so, who are the regular weekend ones/fill-ins? (i.e.) case in point. For Sunrise and The Today Show.