I think I like that colour more than the orange.


There will be some grumpy MediaSpy-ers in 2919!


I think it’s a little too much with the gloss. I’m not against green, perhaps just used with flatter stuff.


I love the ‘rays’ in the opener. As for the teal, I think an aqua would be better.

This year they have altered their graphics package for special events. I like it.


Wednesday -

Nat co-hosting with Sam and Matt Doran reading news.

Beretts is presenting sport from Werribee in Melbourne .
Edwina is presenting Entertainment from Melbourne this morning.


No headlines this morning only straight to the opening title card and wide shot.


Sunday - Remembrance Day


Eddy was reporting from Melbourne today for Weekend Sunrise.


On the Bourke Street Terror Attack?


Yep. Would still be in Melb for racing I guess.


Monday & Tuesday -
Nelson Aspen is presenting Entertainment.

Sam Mac is presenting weather from South Africa this week.


Monday -


Tuesday -
Nathan Templeton is presenting sport.


Wednesday (14.11.2018): Nat is co-hosting with Sam this morning. Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news.


And back on Entertainment this morning.


Thursday -

Nat co-hosting with Kochie and Eddy reading News and Entertainment.


Friday (16.11.2018): Edwina Bartholomew is reading the news this morning, in addition to presenting Showbiz.


Monique Wright is so annoying talking over people and having to have the last word, and the funny comments. Reminds me of Lisa Wilkinson.


Initially, I didn’t like Lisa and Monique but it is different now. I never liked Monique and AOK but her and Basil are good (and I love Lisa).

Mon, IMO, is the closest to Mel Doyle and I hope she fills in with Kochie over summer again this year.


Monique is nothing like Mel Doyle.