During a live cross with Sunrise reporter Jessica Ridley at Sydney Airport you can see Nine’s Today Show crew and reporter Lara Vella in the background


Special opening graphics



Did Sunrise apologise for making up a story that they had arrived on a British Airways flight when they were actually flying in on Qantas a little while later?


Yes the mistake has been mentioned a lot providing lots of laughs…
The coverage of the arrival of the Royals this morning has been totally overboard as expected.


Sunrise live into Qld this morning


Today’s opener


Tuesday -
Extended edition for coverage of the Royal Tour.

Finished at 10am


“New Details - Royal Baby Fever”. I just looked on the Sunrise page on Facebook and I can’t see any ‘new details’.


The music they used for the 7AM Opener was quite good actually. Sounded very NBC News professional even though it was meant to be “royal themed”


Anyone else come across the Sunrise - Best Bits programs at all? These have been running for a long time, I don’t see much point, usually just a 10min filler, wonder if it’s a paid sponsorship situation or perhaps just to promote Sunrise? Usually music acts.


The program is 10 mins too long.


That’s exactly what they are. Filler for when they are 10 minutes short and need to start the next program in a certain timeslot.


David Koch… Usain Bolt… references to slavery… what could go wrong?

Report and video here…


Is sunrise going to be live in Qld every day of the Royal tour?


Sunrise really building itself a reputation for this shit.


Wednesday -
Nat co-hosting with Kochie and Monique Wright presenting News and Entertainment this morning.


Sam has been in hospital today according to her Instagram.


Will Sam make it to Telethon which happens on Saturday. Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts are usually in Perth that weekend but fly out on Sunday morning


Sam I isn’t coming he has a hosting event in Sydney
I believe only Kochie and Baretts are coming this year


First time Sam didn’t made it.