Friday -


Is that the same desk they used at the Gold Coast?


Why blue, red and white graphics?


A relaunch of graphics maybe? Less orange is not a bad thing. :wink:


I think it’s clear why Today is losing Melbourne. Sunrise have put together a great show this morning. (Really tapping into the local market)


Yes, and they’ve used it for all their OBs since.


Media Watch host Paul Barry on Sunrise this morning. Plenty of coverage on the Aboriginal adoptions flub, but at the end of the day, a get for discussing the sackings at the top. Watch the awkward tag at the end…


Really loving the NBC inspired transition in the title-card this morning (posted the two to compare, its from the Old NBC graphics)



I was thinking you were going to talk about that shitstain blue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already have so many times. It’s been falling on deaf ears.


Angela Cox is co-hosting this weekend.

Saturday -Angela Cox hosting in the studio with Basil at the MCG this morning.


Weekend Sunrise finishes at 9am this morning. They are also having graphics issues (all supers/bugs and OTS) so are only able to use the ticker.

Monday is extended until 10am for the public holiday in some states.


They should’ve just sat Angela and Simon together or Angela and Sally etc. It looks pretty silly having all 3 on the desk spaced out like that.


It was good to see that they reverted the backdrop to the blue rays for the news live crosses today; yesterday they continued the footy theme during the reporting of serious news items. Much more appropriate today.

Seemed to be back to normal by 7.30am.



I like the standing intro from the news presentations area, looks good.


Basil did well to get to Sydney in time for this morning. He was on air last night until 8pm and last commercial flight to Sydney departed at 09:15pm due to Sydney’s curfew.


Monday -
Nat co-hosting with Kochie and Eddy reading News & Entertainment.