Nelson Aspen is on Entertainment duties today.


Nelson presenting Entertainment this week.


Sunrise was about to finish when the breaking news happened.

Sunrise finished at 9.56 this morning.


Sunrise is live into SA as of 8 am AEST (7:30 local) today. The show wasn’t live earlier, but it is now.

Liberal Leadership Spill - Coverage Discussion

Friday -
Nat in Canberra with Angie Asimus reading news this morning.


James Tobin is back presenting weather this weekend.


Monday (27.08.2018): Nat is co-hosting with Sam this morning and Angie Asimus is reading the news.

Nelson Aspen is on Entertainment.


Angie Asimus clocking up the hours…

She did both Sunrise and Sydney’s weather Friday, then regular duties over the weekend, as well as Sydney’s weather on Sunday night.

David Brown is currently on several weeks leave, so can only assume she’ll be covering for him.


Sam’s interview with Jane Fonda on tomorrow’s show.


Sunrise didn’t start until 5.34am today??

Thursday (30.08.2018): Nat is co-hosting with Kochie this morning as Sam is off sick. Monique Wright is reading the news.


Friday (31.08.2018): Angie Asimus is reading the news this morning and Nathan Templeton is presenting sport.

Entertainment this week:
Monday-Wednesday- Sam A presented.
Thursday- Kochie and Nat shared duties.
Friday- Sam A was back on.


Why didn’t it start on time?

Is someone also able to list the towns Sunrise has been to this week as part of the A-Z road trip?

I know A was Ararat… But after that?


They’re not doing a different letter every day. So B wasn’t necessarily the following day, The first day they announced it, they said the next letter could be a few days later.


All the Koch fans also enjoyed the musical interlude.


Beretts said on social media he was having a rare day off today.
I would’ve thought Ryan Phelan would be filling in for him today.


No idea. Maybe the Early News covered breaking news or the overnight movie went into overtime. They did make up the time by 6am though.

Yeah today they were in Sydney. It is just another strange fiasco.

Obviously they knew in advance. I actually don’t mind Nathan ( Seven over use Ryan IMO and therefore can be pain to watch).


But they said from the start, that they were going through the alphabet but not on consecutive days.


Angie Asimus reading news this weekend.


Monday -

Nat co-hosting with Kochie with Edwina reading news.


Channel Seven in breach for Sunrise segment on Indigenous children

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found that Channel Seven Sydney breached the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice in a Sunrise ‘Hot Topics’ segment broadcast on 13 March 2018.

The ACMA found that the introduction to the segment claiming Indigenous children could ‘only be placed with relatives or other Indigenous families,’ was inaccurate and in breach of the Code. The licensee explained that this repeated a statement from a newspaper of the day. However, the ACMA considered that Seven should have taken steps to verify the accuracy of this claim before it was used as the foundation for a panel discussion.

The ACMA noted the follow-up ‘Hot Topics’ segment broadcast by Seven on 20 March 2018 was a more informed discussion in which a panellist accurately described the true position regarding placement of Indigenous children. However, the ACMA found that the follow-up segment did not correct the earlier error in an appropriate manner in the circumstances.

The ACMA investigation also found that the segment provoked serious contempt on the basis of race in breach of the Code as it contained strong negative generalisations about Indigenous people as a group. These included sweeping references to a ‘generation’ of young Indigenous children being abused. While it may not have been Seven’s intention, by implication the segment conveyed that children left in Indigenous families would be abused and neglected, in contrast to non-Indigenous families where they would be protected.

‘Broadcasters can, of course, discuss matters of public interest, including extremely sensitive topics such as child abuse in Indigenous communities. However, such matters should be discussed with care, with editorial framing to ensure compliance with the Code,’ said ACMA Chair, Nerida O’Loughlin.

‘The ACMA considers that the high threshold for this breach finding was met, given the strong negative generalisations about Indigenous people as a group,’ added Ms O’Loughlin.

The ACMA is in discussions with Channel Seven about its response to the breach findings. Channel Seven has indicated that it may seek judicial review of the ACMA’s decision.