I would much prefer it if they used their new theme music from the 2010-2015 era. I think it would suit the current opener quite well.


I saw a new promo last night which focused solely on Sam Mac and his weather reports. It ended with something like " another reason why more people are switching to Australia’s favourite brekky show’ and had an endtag without the presenters. I thought it was so tacky trying to imitate Seven News’ promos of late.


If anything, people are switching to Sunrise despite Sam Mac. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just on Sam Mac isn’t it about time they add him to the end tag of the promos. He has been with the show for a year now.


Eddy is bound for the Super Bowl.


Extended edition tomorrow until 10am


Sunrise won last week by 44,000 nationally.


Eddy is live from the Super Bowl in Houston this morning.


Eddy is live from the Super Bowl in Houston this morning.

If I were Barretts I would not be very happy, it seems a strange decision. However I am sure he has gone to a SuperBowl before.


Berretts was involved with the Bathurst 12 hour race over the weekend based on his facebook page, so maybe it physically wasn’t possible, considering the time it takes to get to the US.


Edwina was on Fitzy & Wippa (nova96.9) this morning and she said she was doing a Bradbury, with being at the Super Bowl because Baretts and the other Seven sport guys couldn’t do it.

She was also joking that she didn’t really want to be there but at least she was there to see the half time show and it was something everybody else would like to tick off their bucket list.


Yeah Berretts was, I saw him there. He seems like a nice bloke


Eddy’s trip to America won’t just be for the Super Bowl,wouldn’t be surprised she will conducting some celebrity interviews for the show while she is there.


I’m sorry, but what is with Sunrise’s cardboard box size stage up against the wall outside for Ed Sheeran? What happened to the the big stage and a band?


It would have been hard for Seven to apply for a permit from City of Sydney to block off part of Martin Place (given the crowd crush for Justin Bieber performance a few years ago)?


Looks a bit stingy but also Ed tends to perform solo so wouldnt need the bigger set up.

Plus budgets are not what they used to be.


Michael Usher was on the show this morning promoting tonight’s première of his new series.


Interesting use of the set


They could just use the news desk.


Businesses around the area launched complaints to the City of Sydney every time these types of events occurred. So that is why they are less frequent, as for the stage it’s on Sevens part of the building, if it was bigger it would need to be in the middle of Martin Place which has been done previously.