Annoying? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perfect for Australia Day, then!


Andrew O’Keefe & Monique Wright and James Tobin have returned from holidays this morning.


@TV.Cynic Who won the ratings last week?


Sunrise won nationally by 24,000 incl all markets except Sydney.


This year is Nelson Aspen’s 14th year working on Sunrise ,as we all know his role on the show has been downgraded in recent years.On tomorrow’s show he starts a new weekly segment Star Socials.


Nelson should have never been shafted in the first place. If they had to move Eddy they should’ve moved her to present news with Nat becoming the new co-host. Both Nat and Eddy deserves a better role IMO.


Yes I am really thrilled about the Daily Bailey going national :wink:


Three presenters have been tried by 10 in Australia and haven’t really worked. I’ve read what you have said before about this on another thread but why Jason Dundas? The ratings are doing fine and show clearly that generally most people are happy with the way Sunrise is at the moment.


When Pell first took over he used 3 presenters for a week or 2 but then reverted it back to just the 2.


I think it was for three days (Monday-Wednesday) with Sam (reading the news), Kochie and Nat. I actually quite liked it. However, I echo the comments that Sunrise is rating really well and like Seven News Sydney, I doubt anything is going to change for now.


Found this on the web:

N.B: Credit and huge thanks to original uploader.


Seven should go back to being original and different. That was how they began dominating over Today.


um… have you seen the resent ratings? they are dominating.


Yes I have, and that was impressive given how they made a great comeback in then 2nd half of the year. However, just because ratings are dominating, doesn’t mean things shouldn’t change, although the change should evolve gradually IMO.


There was a new live backdrop in Perth this morning, looks pretty decent. Hopefully Seven News Perth can use it to make the virtual set a bit better


Nelson Aspen gave a interesting response on twitter to a viewer who said she gets concerned when she doesn’t see him on Sunrise, he said hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.

Let’s hope so!


Sunrise started to win weeks again in June and had 6 weekly wins between then an the Olympics. They also lost a few weeks after the Olympics but since late October have won every week.


I don’t know if many think the same but I happened to catch the Sunrise opener this morning (very rare because I’m never awake that early) but I have to say that Sunrise needs to remove the intro headline music. If your reporting about an attack with deaths and serious news I don’t really think it’s appropriate to have some happy music playing in the background. It belongs on something such as The Morning Show.


Yeah I noticed that they changed the headline music from their serious one from the relaunch to some “cold play style” music.