Thanks. I’m off to Paramatta Park.



Smart thing for her to do would be not to comment about articles as it just leads to another article about that article.
If there’s no truth to the articles, then sue the publications for defamation.


She’s done that too for a previous story.

Interesting context provided by TV Tonight at the bottom of their article:

“Woman’s Day is published by Bauer Media whose CEO Nick Chan is a former Chief Operating Officer at Seven West Media, and whose former assistant was Amber Harrison”. (She is the aggrieved former mistress of Seven boss Tim Worner)


Weekend Sunrise began with Eddy and Mark Riley standing and crossing to Mike Armor and team in Washington.


It was very American with Eddy and Mark almost marching in whilst the V/O played out.

Simon Reeve is doing sport and weather again this weekend.


Sunrise had an easy win in week 3 with a margin of 40,000 nationally, again winning all markets except Sydney. The winning margin of Thursday and Friday was +60,000.


It was said before in USA election thread but Sunrise went live into Perth this morning. I didn’t watch the full show but they had the Perth background behind Eddy and Mark, there was also more local stories in the news.


So after they left the east coast at 10am AEDT, they stayed on air for another three hours in Perth?


Not too sure as I only tuned in for the last half hour, but I presume they wouldn’t go live for another 3 hours just for one state.


But do you really? Or is that just a (misplaced) gut feeling of the EP? I mean, if TODAY had an inside weather guy for a year, what is to say they wouldn’t be winning?


They quite possibly did as there was no Perth backdrop prior to 10am AEDT.


Every decision an EP makes is a mixture of gut and experience (and sometimes a bit of research). You might call it misplaced but the trend of having a roaming weather reporter continues to this day… for a reason.

All I can say is it didn’t feel right having weather stuck inside… it’s why Bolo sporadically sent me on the road with Monique to do crosses on location.


If you capped that from Perth than yes, it would be an extended local edition for Perth as the east coast was finished at 11am AEDST.


No, the east coast version finished at 10am AEDT.


Whilst I didn’t watch all of WS yesterday, I am pretty sure here in Queensland the EPG said 5am-10am so maybe Sunrise did an extra hour for QLD too. @TV.Cynic Correct me if I am wrong.

Sunday (22.01.17): Mark Riley is co-hosting again this morning with Eddy.


Weekend Sunrise thumped Weekend Today yesterday.


trumped? :wink: But unlike Today, Weekend Today relies on the Brisbane market (as Weekend Sunrise usually wins Melbourne) and from what I’ve seen, WT looses Brisbane without Stefanovic.

[quote=“Tom_TV7, post:94, topic:2398, full:true”]
Love [Sunrise’s] use of their set this morning.
[/quote] Heaps of different set uses this weekend on Weekend Sunrise. Pell on holidays?


Poorly executed closer aired in Queensland today, I assume to save time for the tennis. However, from 9.54 until right on 10am ads played out:


Where’s the MAJOR BLOOPER?