Yeah I think you guys are right.


Fresh faces put the summer heat on creaky Sunrise lineup


Yep. I’d prefer Ange over Sam anyway!
She’s a great talent at Martin Place


During summer we always see new talent filling in and for me this year Ange has been the standout.Apart from Sunrise she has also been reading news bulletins and working non stop.
Ange and Eddy both have potential and it has been great to hear it is being noticed…


Sunrise has made several gags about the Nine News Now jacket saga this morning including;

  • “Thanks for your company this black Friday”
  • Ryan “Do you want me to step out"
    Kochie " If that is what you want to do”.


I wouldn’t have thought that was one though. Friday the 13th is normally known as a Black Friday.


Monique mentioned she is on holidays next week,


Most likely everyone (Sam,Nat,Eddy and Beretts) will be back from holidays on Monday.
Monday’s show is a extended edition.

EDIT- Nat said on Instagram she is back on Monday and Ryan Phelan said see you then so Beretts must be still on holidays.


@nationalnews jokes aside Kochie made a great point that probably every newsreader/host in the country would agree with.
He said
It is funny, we laugh at it,but l would hate for anyone to publicly show what we get up to during commercial breaks.


Here are the highlights of the jokes made this morning:

Monique has done a great job with the Sunrise crew and perhaps should have got a permanent job earlier on after the weather gig.


Denham Hitchcock co-hosting with Eddy and Angela Cox reading news this weekend.
Amanda Abate presenting weather this morning from the Gold Coast.


Nah. She did well but she wasn’t “that” good :slight_smile:


Omg this will be interesting to watch…


I thought they handled this well. They certainly didn’t go over the top and definitely didn’t bag Amber Sherlock.


I am going to start a crowdfunding project. It is going to raise money so Denham can have his lockjaw treated. He is pure awkward. I feel sorry for Eddy as the pressure is really on her to make the show work - she does a darn good job though.

The only person at Channel 7 who is enjoying Denham’s efforts at hosting Sunrise this morning is Andrew O’Keefe.


James Tobin has been on holidays for a long time.


Talitha Cummins is in a legal battle with the network after unfair dismissal. Very disappointing to see her dumped from the network after 13 years.


Denham needs to stop playing with the pen…he may be nervous, but it’s very irritating in the bottom of the screen


@mattrobts very disappointing to read this about Talitha,reading another article it does say her casual contract with Seven had ended and she was offered a temporary role reading 5am Early News which wasnt workable for her because her husband works early hours.
Ange said on the show and twitter that she was only filling in for a few months and reading these different articles Talitha was suppose to return next month,obviously Angela will now be the permanent newsreader.
I really like Talitha and l hope she has a really good support network to cope with this situation.


I’m sorry but if she was on a casual contract and it ended then she’s hasn’t got a leg to stand on. They can choose to renew it if they want and they didn’t want.