How was that a tantrum? He wasn’t rude, condescending or having a whinge. He said it how it happened and that they want to help.

Did you actually watch the videos or do you just automatically hop on the bandwagon to dig into Sunrise/ Channel 7.


It was clearly an attempt by Sunrise the program to put pressure on Dan to appear. They probably wanna go him harder than what the localised hour is do at the daily press conferences. The tweet got a bit of a negative reaction and Pell was engaging with those who felt it was in fact a tantrum.

Seems Sunrise isnt the only one…

The host of Ninja Warrior is right, where are the rest of the real journalists demanding Dan Andrews front up to their infotainment shows?


I am sure he is not going on Weekend Today because he is a fan of Rahni Sadler :joy:

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Kochie is gonna be pissed. Dan Andrews on The Project tonight :joy:


I suspect Andrews will do the breakfast rounds in the am.


Yeah I thought the same.

And now on 7:30.

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Now Sam is pushing for NSW to close their borders and get tough on people entering the state. Make up your mind.


People are allowed to change opinions. Especially when the crisis changes daily.


Sunrise had its biggest audience in 9 weeks - well over 300k. Today rated lower than Tuesday and ranked 3rd behind News Breakfast that had its best result in 4 weeks.


Ageee to an extent. . People can change minds. And it’s totally different when you’re the ones potentially negatively affected when with Qld it was the other way around. Perspective - that’s a human thing


Of course you can change your mind. But Sam was so against Qld keeping borders closed. Now it seems it was actually the best decision. Down to only 2 active cases. Feel sorry for NT with first new case in many weeks, from Victoria.

Sunrise had another easy win on Thursday with Today ranked second.

In response to a query, in Melbourne where Dan Andrews finally made an appearance on breakfast TV, the contest was very close with Sunrise and News Breakfast in a tie for first place but only 2k ahead of Today in that market. Sunrise and Today tied in Brisbane while Sunrise won the other markets comfortably.


thank you for this :slight_smile:

An article from Colin Vickery which includes comments from Sunrise EP Michael Pell and media analyst Steve Allen. Also, it compares specific metro and national ratings and reach numbers. In the first six months, Vickery notes Sunrise is already ahead of Today by an average of over 110k metro viewers.


Samantha Brett just said on the News Feed segment that she just had two weeks off reporting for Sunrise.

That said, she is expected to be back reporting from Monday, as is Bianca Stone, who is on holidays.


No point posting these links when most of us can’t access them.


He posted the most important bits from the article, minus the actual ratings figures.

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