Really disappointing they’re giving crooks like this airtime still.


“Hellfire on earth” What a ridiculous headline.



The young commentator on News Feed this morning was terrible.
Katelyn/Caitlyn someone?

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Kaitlyn Smith

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Bit of anti-Labor flavour coming through more explicitly again in the last few days’ news headlines.
Yesterday was about “Albanese’s broken election promise”, today was about “taking aim at Labor”.

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Hellfire on earth…

The award for the most outrageous beat up of the year goes to…


David Koch is leaving Sunrise


“Just a bit of news from me. I’ve decided to hang up the boots.”

“Time to work some business hours.”

“After 20 years of premierships in the breakfast TV ratings”.

Straight to a break after which acknowledged by a teary Nat.

“This show would not be the same without you”

" We are going to celebrate that in the next 2 weeks"


Wow. This has happened a lot sooner than I thought it would. Something surely more to it considering he only re-signed with Sunrise not long ago


Leaving Friday next week - in line with the move to Everleigh?


Leaving next Friday? Wow, that is quick. Thought theyd build up his farewell a bit more.

He’s been on Sunrise for almost 21 years. Such a long time as a host in Australia. Hes seen tv industry change so much.


Sunrise farewells TV legend David Koch

After a remarkable 21 years at the helm of Australia’s #1 brekky program Sunrise, David Koch has decided it is time to hang up his signature tie.

Kochie will step away from the Sunrise desk in two weeks as the longest-serving breakfast television host in Australian history, having broadcast a record 16,000 hours of live TV across more than 5300 shows and some 50,000 interviews.

Kochie shared the news first with Sunrise viewers and staff during this morning’s show.

“I have loved every single minute of my time at Sunrise, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 21 years,” Kochie said. “I’ve been privileged to experience so many adventures, to meet so many incredible people and to cover so many moments of history in the making. It really is the world’s best job.

“What I’ll miss most is working with the amazing Sunrise team, especially Nat, Beretts and Dave Walters who have been with me for virtually the entire time on the show. I reckon I’ve spent more time with them than my family and it has been an utter joy. I’ll miss the Sunrise viewers who have energised me every single day.

“I’ve also appreciated the support of the Seven Network, from the Chairman down, for allowing me to be myself, for their understanding when I’ve stuffed up – which is more often than I’d like to admit – and for their constant encouragement and respect,” he said.

“I know I’m going to miss it enormously, but it’s time for me to work business hours, and for Libby and I to have a bit more flexibility to enjoy our burgeoning family, to travel and focus on our family business interests in Pinstripe Media and the Ausbiz business channel. As everyone knows, I’m a finance nerd so you’ll still see me pop up every so often on RBA board meeting days or covering other big financial news, but as a guest rather than host.

“Coming up to 20 consecutive years as Australia’s most-watched breakfast show is a nice moment to exit stage left with an enormous sense of pride and gratitude. Thank you for the privilege,” Kochie said.

Seven West Media Chairman, Kerry Stokes AC, said: “David has played a central part in turning around the fortunes of the Seven Network over the past two decades to where we continue to dominate the ratings from dawn with Sunrise, a program he has been with since October 2002.

“I will personally miss David, as he is a thorough professional and a wonderful human being, particularly in the manner he has mentored so many Seven people. I wish David and his wife Libby the best after what has been a rigorous work schedule, which has also included many pro bono roles in the sports and charity arenas.”
Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton, said: “Kochie has been the king of breakfast TV for two decades, taking Sunrise to #1 and helping to keep it there year in, year out. It’s an extraordinary achievement, one that he should be very proud of. But all good things come to an end, and I admire and respect his decision to step away from Sunrise while he’s at the top of his game.

“Kochie is the ultimate team player and I’m going to miss seeing him on screen every morning. I wish him, Libby and the family all the very best for the future, and thank you from everyone at Seven.”

Network Director News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “David is a true pioneer of Australian breakfast TV. Plucked from relative obscurity, what started as a most unlikely presenter soon became a unique success story that others simply could not counter or mimic, as is often the way. He excelled across all strands of the tapestry of live television, three-and-a-half hours day in, day out for a record-breaking 21 years.

“David is an ultimate flag bearer for Sunrise and for all those who work on the program. He never underestimated his role or got too carried away with it, which Australians warmed to. No task too small or too big, he’s been wonderful to work with. On behalf of all his colleagues across Seven’s News and Public Affairs domains, we salute a magnificent career. His legacy will be everlasting.”

Director of Morning Television, Sarah Stinson, added: “It is with mixed emotions we farewell Kochie. Sadness as one chapter closes, admiration as we reflect on his incredible innings and excitement to see what lies ahead. Passionate, committed, outspoken, but most importantly, kind and generous, David has never taken for granted the trust Australians afforded him to guide them through the highs and lows of life. With more time now for his other great loves – Libby, their four kids, eight grandkids and, of course, his beloved Port Adelaide footy team – we wish him nothing but the absolute best.”

Co-host and dear friend Natalie Barr, who has sat alongside Kochie for all his years on the show, said: “Sunrise wouldn’t be Sunrise without David Koch. For almost 21 years, I’ve sat at that desk with him and watched as he changed the way breakfast television was done in Australia. When they hired him, he said he’d do the job on one condition: that he wouldn’t be a newsreader. And boy did we get the opposite of that. He’s cut through the PR and the spin and by being himself, got to the heart of every story he’s covered.

“It’s been one of the highlights of my life to sit with him and watch. And in the process, he’s become one of my best friends. He’s laid a foundation for a show that can now continue to shine – and cut through the spin – well into the future. Let’s do lunch Kochie… your buy!”

Kochie will co-host his final edition of Sunrise on Friday 9 June and viewers will be able to share in farewell celebrations as we thank him for his extraordinary contribution to the Australian television landscape over the past two decades. He will remain a valued part of the Sunrise family and the broader Seven Network.

Kochie’s successor on Sunrise has been appointed and will be announced next Monday.


Wow. That’s not a complete shock - 20 years at the helm and rightly deserving to call time. But the quick turnaround is a shock. What a contribution he’s made the tv landscape.


Did not expect this at all.


For sure, Shirvo will take the reigns


He’s not shrivo at all. Far from it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This will be the time for Today to make inroads if it can.
Kochie leaving will be a big loss to the show.
You can’t deny his contribution to the morning TV slot over the past 20 years.

Hopefully if they are to give it to someone outside of a news capacity, it’s given to Shirvo. Chris Brown isn’t the fit for rolling live coverage. The other one I could see would be Michael User… however being in his 50’s you’re potentially only getting 10 years out of him maximum.


Interesting choice to make the announcement, at the desk, mid program and solo to camera then straight to a break. I had imagined it would have been on the couch at the end of the show with the team around him.