What’s with the ugly desks at 7.


That’s the afl coverage desk

Yeah I read that above, it’s still hideous - as are most of the ones Seven use.

Sunday 25.09.2022
Mon and Matt back at Brekky Central but Beretts began the opener from Geelong.


I’m pretty sure they’ve done a full OB from Melbourne before, possibly even the Sunday too. But the last few times it might have been just Simon or Basil at the MCG. Nonetheless, from the bits I saw, there was a pretty good vibe over the past two days.

The weekday show did seem to steal all of the guests and stories though. This left WS seemingly filling time with mainly scraps, despite being the actual lead-in. I was glad they asked Beretts to stay on through the weekend though.


Monday (26.09.2022) - Thursday (29.09.2022): Monique Wright is co-hosting with Kochie this week.


Is Nat away for the whole week?

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Link issues this morning just before 9.


Nat said last week she is on hols now.


Are we expecting Qld news to return next Monday with daylight saving beginning in the southern states?
Possibly “Queensland” under the Sunrise logo as we saw one day recently?

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Not sure. Peter Doherty the former producer of the bulletins has left the station.

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I messaged Bianca on Twitter and she very kindly replied, saying no plans to bring back local news at the moment. Pell was a fan of it, Stinson/Power “not so much”.


Makes sense. The local breaks didn’t move the needle in Brisbane, so why funnel resources if there’s no reward?

Pretty sure Sunrise did better in Brisbane over last summer, but I could be wrong.

Still consistantly beaten by Today though (in Brisbane - Qld overall, Sunrise still wins)

No I was referring to Brisbane. I thought last summer they regularly won Brisbane whereas again now they rarely do.

I thought they improved also.

And the feedback from a survey of one (my mum) was extremely positive.

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Well done to Seven’s cameraman… hard not to get involved when you see this.


Friday (30.09.2022): Monique Wright and Matt Shirvington are hosting today. Beretts is presenting sport live from Penrith ahead of the NRL grand final.


Saturday (01.10.2022): Sally hosting with Matt this morning. Natarsha on news.
NewsFeed segment conducted by both Sally and Matt. Still didn’t start until 7.57 but then ran overtime until almost 8.03. Just start it a little earlier to give it the time needed.

Michelle Bishop’s sport and JT’s weather crosses have been great this morning.