I’m uncomfortable with this notion that a news program should be ‘supportive’ of a state/territory for a) Ratings considerations and/or b) The sake of it. I say that because it’s an untenable position considering there’ll be times where a program has to be critical of what a state/territory does (eg; when a ‘bungle’ has been made or there’s problems) and/or ‘hard-hitting’ (eg; when a Premier/Chief Minister is being interviewed).

Am I suggesting Sunrise (particularly Sam Armytage) didn’t go ‘too far’ at times over the past 18 months in how they covered/reacted to how certain states have handled COVID? No. What I saying is the way programs like Sunrise cover/approach stories should be based on the merits of the story - not ratings considerations.


I have noticed a much more measured commentary about Qld of late… even a “good on you Qld” the other day. Hope it’s not too late

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But i would like to see Sunrise critical of all the states. For example Sunrise should be critical of QLD recently completely closing to NSW, ACT and VIC for 2 weeks due to hotel quantine being at capacity for example. People are stranded and were given no notice when they would have known this was happening days earlier and have done some other dreadful things as well and deserve to be criticised for it. Other states didn’t act like QLD did so weren’t critised as much and fair enough.
Ratings shouldn’t matter.

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Friday (27.08.2021): Michael Usher is co-hosting with Nat this morning.

Angie Asimus is reading the news, with Eddy isolating after being a close contact of a COVID case at Martin Place overnight.


Studio deep cleaned. All have been tested and negative. Kochie was on his day off today anyway.


Continuing to sit on top of one and other.

More details later this morning apparently.


Full statement from Seven: Positive COVID-19 case at SUNRISE sends team members into isolation | TV Blackbox

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I wonder if Matt Doran is in isolation too since Michael Usher’s hosting this morning?


Maybe only double vaxxed presenters allowed to be there.


Sorry but given the current NSW covid disaster atm, shouldn’t these guys be doing the show then out? No conversations, do the show then leave…


It’s almost like they still have pickups, pre recorded interviews, segments to produce and other work that needs to be done. They don’t just turn up and read an autocue.

Could’ve fooled me…


It’s not a great look for the show / company to be honest.
I still think regardless of “status” think they should be social distancing at the desk. It’s big enough and there’s no real excuse. Of course that wouldn’t have changed this COVID positive situation, again I just see it as arrogance and Pells post about this indicates it. “The show must go on” of course, but visually on screen they aren’t really showing much effort, they look above it


Sitting an extra metre apart is not going to stop you getting covid at the desk. You’ve got (way) more chance of catching covid at the woolies checkout than the sunrise desk. If Gladys is going to allow you to have a picnic with friends , Michael and Nat can sit together on Sunrise.

I’m sure if Nat really wanted too she could roll her chair to the side.

It’s not about optics. People are not really going out and saying ‘Michael and Nat are sitting together so I can see my grandma’ are they?

No not at all and that is what I said above - it won’t stop it and I never said it would lol. I understand what you mean, however it is about optics. They are a visual medium.

Why not set an example? The way Sydney is I think it would be the right thing to do. Nine, 10 are doing it - reckon they don’t feel they have a responsibility to set a good example? Pells tweet as I said says it all.

I don’t really get why there has to be a defense against it? I just disagree that they should be exempt.
Sunrise did the spacing last year…. And there would have been that reason why they did on air but have chosen this time not to which I think is wrong.

Picnics are outside and not an inclosed environment with more than a dozen people in the same space working, let alone an open mezzanine into the whole building. That’s a poor comparison


What was wrong with Pell’s tweet exactly? Are the strict protocols not strict enough for you?

Nobody outside this forum is talking about double vaxxed Sunrise hosts sitting next to each other.

“The show must go on” poor choice of words. We know regardless the show would go on and makes it seem like the pandemic isn’t a big concern internally - again optics

Yes they are double vaxed but Eddy wasn’t and not all crew necessarily are… it’s about more than just the two main anchors at the desk.

Strict protocols. Yet they are the only network to have had a case…. Makes you wonder.


That’s bullshit I know for a fact that channel 9 in Sydney had a cleaner that tested positive. They worked at 1 Denison on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August.

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