Its not just 7. Almost all shows and double headers are still sitting pretty close.

NSW Police are right next door and patrol outside the studio frequently. If they were going to get a fine, I think it would have happened by now.

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Kochie and Nat are fully vaccinated not sure whether Eddy and Beretts are


Matt Doran’s presence on the weekday show continues to expand. This morning, he got to interview former PM John Howard.


I know this was a long time ago but could he interviewing John Howard be because of that rather rude joke that Kochie did on John Howard years ago?


Howard and Kochie never spoke face to face since that joke


It’s all SUNSHINE AND LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL for NSW whilst it’s all DOOM AND GLOOM for Victoria this morning :roll_eyes:


Doran is clearly being established as Kochie’s successor when that time comes. Great choice.


Seen this morning:


(Jeremy Clarkson’s voice) Woooooow!

What are we meant to be seeing?

I think he’s referring to the backdrop spread out across the screens. Looks nice and clean if you ask me.

Not sure why some are against these graphics. These were WAY better than the last iteration. The only thing I want to mention about visuals is that the backdrop for Martin Place looks extremely blurry in comparison. Either they get a new camera (which they probably won’t since they’re moving next year) or just use the generic backdrop.

Nat and Matt would make a strong duo.


It’s good that you can’t see the outline of the individual screens that make up the full screen unlike Nine’s 6pm news in Sydney and many ABC broadcasts. I always think the screen outlines look dreadful. Using a green screen background looks way better in comparison.


Could that be down to ABC / Nine buying cheaper screens or is it the layout with curved screens.

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Nine News Adelaide also has a similar problem, especially when the skycam is showing a night view. You can see a faded grid pattern seemingly overlaid onto the image.


Change of tactic this morning in regards to their reporting on Melbourne.


Good. Now they can do the same for Queensland. Perhaps some positivity might rub off if Sunrise were to be supportive of that state.

In hindsight they should’ve sent Sam Mac or JT to Queensland for 6 months and have them resonate with the audience there. Seems like that was mighty helpful for Today.


I believe Sunrise’s ratings were improving at the start of this year, but since June they have taken a dive in Melbourne and now Brisbane. Having your presenters locked away in Martin Place just helping the national program.

With so many different situations unfolding in every state at the moment, it might be worth Sunrise introducing local news inserts into Melbourne and Brisbane. Producing a national product in this current market is very difficult.

All three east coast cities are in different situation.


Adam Boland was onto that years ago. He was just about a decade too early.


I agree. I think if they want a point of difference, local news inserts are the way to go.

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How feasible would it be for Adelaide to introduce local inserts? They’re already producing local morning news, and some of those stories would likely be repeated on both programs anyway (like some stories are repeated for afternoon and evening news on Seven and Nine).

It just seems more warranted now to cater for local news inserts… as every city is currently in a different position with Covid.

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