I hate to say it because I hate it, but maybe the absence of the ticker has made people switch over ?
(Not that Today has one) but it was a point of difference. Has ABC breakfast increased due to them having one?

I wouldn’t blame it on Nat. Personally I think, the graphics, though nice, its not what we saw during the Olympics. The Olympics pulled in people who would rarely have watched the show before, so if they tune in and like what they see, but then the look and feel change overnight, then thats an issue right there. We have even discussed why they relaunched after the increased crowds for the Olympics, its silly.

When it comes to the show and its host, it feels weird not having another presenter at the desk. I think they should add Shaun full time and give him something extra to do thats not entertainment.

And lastly the set, it feels like they have already moved half of the set out (they havent I know) it looks so bare and soleless

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When was the last time we saw/heard from Shaun?

Funny you say that. His Instagram bio doesn’t mention Sunrise. Does anyone know if it used to mention Sunrise? Can’t remember the last time I saw him on air.

He’s been on air this week. His segments sometimes shift after 8am though.

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TV Cynic mentioned demos earlier in the week.
Could it be maybe the older audience of Sunrise are the loyal viewers that have been with them since the beginning (they were young once and went to Sunrise back then when it was new and an alternative to the established Today Show).
Now maybe the new additional viewers are younger, and they are heading towards Today?
Not sure.

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Agreed. I said that a while ago.

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Numbers fluctuate, that’s why Today’s 200k benchmark is so ill-conceived. But that’s why you use market share- it’s comparable. Regardless of Olympics or lockdowns or bushfires, that headway should not change. When it does, it indicates a change in viewing habits. If I was on the team at Sunrise, I would not be content with dismissing the closing in by saying it’s only lockdown related because it means those extra viewers aren’t watching my show.

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Breaking News opener:


They need to do more then use the one presenting spot. You have a whole set. Use it. Mix it up to what it was before.

I agree with the bare comment. When they do the wide shots it looks temporary and empty. They should move the couch to the windows where the desk was


I agree, it is unusual that sunrise has not increased at the same time as Today has. It means all the additional viewers watching morning tv have going to Today. But it is only week 2 of this happening and therefore I’d be looking at longer term trends to see if this is maintained.

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New angle this morning with Matt presenting a story from around in the sport presenters position.
JT in studio again.



Sunrise is looking the best it’s looked in a very long time. Even with subtle changes, and no substantial additions to the set or anything, it’s much better what they are doing atm.


It’s like they’ve completely forgotten about the old desk area and window. Use the set as much as you can to your advantage. The new presentation/angles etc are already starting to feel a bit old.


Really liking the new look. Though I worry it will go downhill when they move into Eveleigh and there may not be any windows.


They might be building a studio overlooking Locomotive Street, the new food and shopping hub in South Eveleigh.


Surprised that the team are still sitting so close together and there’s no social distancing in place. What’s it going to take? 1000 new cases a day?


It’ll probably take Seven receiving a fine from NSW Police for them to have social distancing on Sunrise again…


Beretts returned to the program this morning.

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