We’re old. Never heard of him either.


I know they’ve featured him before, so he hasn’t been ignored. But now he has a full album out and I assume a tour isn’t far away, so he’s doing the rounds.

Sunrise brought out the gold captions for Oscars coverage this morning.


This morning


Sam Mac is on the front cover of TV Week this week, holding his baby daughter Margot.


Improved but that Perth audience is extremely low. I know linear audiences have fallen, but they used to get closer to 50k when Basil was hosting.

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Not sure if it has been mentioned already but Jade Robran has returned to Sunrise as SA Correspondent. Jade Robran on Instagram: "Back with my @sunriseon7 family! Excited to announce I’ve joined Sunrise as their SA Correspondent. I’ll be out & about covering the events that matter to us 📺 ☀️ … any tips to waking up early welcome!"

Sydney-based Mylee Hogan will also join correspondent Tim Lester in the US.


Queensland end board


I still hate that Kochie and Nat pose, still looks really unusual.


Imagine if you reinvented sunrise with local hosts but national correspondents for entertainment etc.

That’s what I was thinking too, but I doubt Sunrise would go local as that would cost a significant amount of money to produce in each market.

Yeh. There’s not the audience is there.

It’s funny how there are so many hyperlocal breakfast and morning newscasts all across America, and yet we can’t even get state-based breakfast.

I could see it possibly working if they followed a similar formula to NBC Today in the US, where there are designated local windows (instead of chopping in and out as they do for Perth (and did for Queensland last year). But yes, it would involve investment and staffing that I don’t think 7 are keen on.

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Well the US population is nearly 332 million while Australia is only 25 million.


It’s sad that SCA does more for Tasmania/Spencer Gulf than Seven does for Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide/Brisbane. The former airs short, local Sunrise news updates across the morning and Seven does nothing.

The Tasmania and Spencer gulf updates are prerecorded from the night.

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If I remember correctly, the ‘Sunrise’ updates for Tasmania are not live and are recorded the night before.

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Yes they are prerecorded from the previous night, but better than nothing. In an ideal world all affiliates/metros would be doing the same. At least everyone has updates through the day except one lazy affiliate (cough cough WIN)

TBF though Sunrise would have live crosses to local reporters in the other capital cities for various stories, wouldn’t they? They may not be ‘local’ news but resources are seemingly put into including coverage from those cities