Has anyone noticed the Sunrise Instagram page has become very… odd lol

Clearly they have hired a Gen Z ‘TikTok’ media person to manage their page.

It’s all a bit much.

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Agree. Do they really think we care what the crew behind the scenes are doing?

Eddy confirms she caught COVID this week.

Poor thing. Not a great start.


Natarsha Belling is presenting news and sport this weekend.


This week, Sunrise had its highest ratings in three months and it’s largest lead over Today in the same period, thanks largely to the Commonwealth Games.

Frankly, though, these numbers need to become the standard for Sunrise to return to how they were performing in Q1. As @TV.Cynic has said, surprisingly, the other two shows haven’t seen a notable week-on-week fall, despite the Commonwealth Games. So, it is possible for Sunrise to move the lever back up.


They need to become “must watch” tv at brekky. Not quite sure how they do that, but Sunrise back in the Kochie and Mel days had that buzz.


How many people actually believed that over the years? People whinged about their promos about being a family as ‘fake’ and not genuine and now they try a different approach and it’s still not liked. They can’t seem to win with this kind of attitude.

I’m referring to the hands on the shoulder photoshoot. Very Today show.



I’m talking about promo endframes, not magazine publicity photoshoots.

Look, this is all much ado about nothing, and I’m sure Channel 7 can shoulder the burden of any negative publicity that may or may not come as part of this.


The last one looks like a promo endframe to me. The point is Today (or Sunrise or anyone as a matter of fact) invented this particular style. Sunrise isn’t a direct copycat of Today (or vice versa) as some seem to always suggest.

Oh please

Today very much became a copycat of Sunrise years ago. Now they’re practically the same show.


Knock knock! Sunrise giving away $10 000 worth of groceries this week, sponsored by Coles.

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As noted yesterday Today has a cash giveaway from Coles this week with a promo also featuring the cash waterfall effect seen in the Sunrice promo.


I wish you could buy those coles bags shown in cap 2. They look more stable than the plastic ones they currently have.

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I have a couple, I think one of them has a MasterChef logo on it also.

Woolies also sells Macro branded hessian bags.

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Monday 8 August

Monique is presenting news this morning.