Kylie filling in for Nat again today. Shame Nat’s not there to chat with Mel Doyle this morning.




I have to confess that I watched this interview not because I was excited about This Is Your Life or Ian Thorpe. It was more for nostalgic reason to see Mel Doyle on Sunrise. My favorite part of the interview was when Kochie asked her about her “Sunrise babies” (son and daughter).

For me, this interview itself is more nostalgic than the show she is about to host :smile:. I wish Nat was there.



The reason why we have Sunrise right there.


If Nat’s still off tomorrow, wouldn’t it be amazing if Mel filled in alongside Kochie one more time.
I couldn’t care less if it would be a plug for This Is Your Life, it would be so worth it.


Personally, I don’t think so. Their lead story was the UK heatwave and their big celebrity guests were the two BGT judges that nobody knows. Throw in a couple of awful Zoom interviews and a weather presenter that nobody knows either. All questionable choices.

The problem with Sunrise at the moment is that the numbers are so low and their lead is so marginal that they cannot afford any adverse fluctuation.


For moments like this that past viewers or those of us who had to go to work would’ve missed, Sunrise should include in their weekly promos…. “If you weren’t watching Sunrise this week, here’s what you missed.” (Maybe 2 or 3 highlights or funny moments from the week). Then “This week on Sunrise…”


And today (Friday) as well.

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Had a bit of a laugh today

What can they do to address it? Today won again yesterday so it seems Sunrise needs to get their act together and increase their ratings to prevent that happening again. Both shows are lineball in terms of quality so it really comes down to the smallest of advantages.

I think Sunrise is looking tired. The presentation of it all is looking very old now. I know we only had a graphics overhaul not long ago but watching the other day I’m already over the “gloss angle” full screens.

The supers are fine but I personally now am of the opinion that they don’t need to have the same “style” as news. It should have a independent look.

Hopefully with the move Sean will make some tweaks.

I wouldn’t be against maybe picking up pace of the show in the 7am hour as well. But more hard hitting?

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I agree, a lot of things are wrong with Sunrise at the moment. Personally I’m not a fan of the desk, the new graphics are terrible, and I also don’t like how the street cam at Martin Place is blurred.

I’ve been thinking for a while that Kylie has outgrown The Morning Show and should have a new challenge. After seeing her on Sunrise these last few days, she works really well on-air with Kochie and I would go as far as saying she should be the permanent co-host, IMO. She has a much cleaner presenting style than Nat.


Yeah don’t know why they persist with that when the camera quality is hideous.

Promo for next week’s Sunrise (labelled 'this week")

  • $100 petrol give away
  • Extreme bargains
  • Aussie mum beating chronic pain
  • Wake up to the opening ceremony and Aussie gold


Send her back to 7 Sport. So underused in her current role


It’s deliberately blurry though.

Saturday 23 July -

Michael Usher is hosting with Sally Bowrey and Natarsha Belling is presenting news and sport this weekend.


What’s going on with the brekky/morning crew at 7?
Nat away for 3 days; I’d noticed Mon didn’t do weekday news at all and now she’s away today; Matt did TMS on Thursday but not available for Friday and now away today.
Sam Mac and Larry’s time off was probably planned, but the others?
Covid outbreak? Kylie made comment a couple of times during the week about the difficulty finding replacements.


Of course, all that said, it’s none of my business, and I hope they’re all okay whatever the reasons for their absences.