Sunday 24 February 2019

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Maybe but that didn’t help Blind Date and Game of Games last year and Cram the year before.


Yes, it’s very easy to see the problem, but much harder to fix it. The only constant here is the Project. Time to move it on.


Takeaway got the figures everyone thought it would get. It is definitely not great. I do feel the show isn’t really summer nights viewing though. I think this is definitely a winter night show. However, the viewers from 7:30-10:00 aren’t exactly terrible.

Married is absolutely smashing the competition. Huge.


Unfortunately for Seven and Ten, it wouldn’t matter what they put up against MAFS this season – it will not perform as well as that juggernaut. It is especially going to be a tough task for new series to make an impact as MAFS builds in the lead up to the season final.

The Project issue needs to be addressed and my advice would be to start Masterchef or Bachelor in Paradise at 7pm so viewers can start to see Ten’s entertainment offerings are going to be kicking off at the same time as Seven and Nine’s on Sunday’s. Or move Takeaway up to 7 asap. The 7.30 Sunday start times have proven a hindrance, not a help to Ten.


10 said they’ll listen to feedback about Takeaway. Reduce the run time. At least attempt to stick to the 90 mins. I saw how long it was, then deleted it. And again all it leads to are 2 episodes of NCIS clashing against each other for 15 mins.

Maybe they need to start it at 6:30 again and give it a shot.
Apart from this year the project weekdays did well in demos, but Sundays have never rated in total or demos. So if a Sunday edition persists maybe as a 10:30 show instead.


Just as Seven needs to ask serious questions about Home & Away, Ten needs to ask them about the Project. A show that rates less than 400k at 7pm cannot remain in that time slot. It was even beaten by Insiders in Sydney & Melbourne.


I think 10’s issues are greater than The Project at the moment. However, I agree 300k at 7pm or 400k during the weeks is not good enough. However, I do believe they need to look at the 6pm slot first. Then the 6:30pm slot and if those slots improve and The Project continues to rate poorly it would be time to move it (9:30). It is such an important brand that removing it from the network completely is a mad decision.


I don’t know why people even think 9.30 is an option. It would actually start at all sorts of weird timeslots due to reality shows running to all sorts of finish times. And I doubt the hosts would want to work those hours.

I would never watch it at that time.



I think Ten’s best option is to have the Sunday Night Project at 6-7pm so they can match the other networks with a 7pm start for the Sunday tent pole shows.


I saying it’s a last resort. I think if 10 fixed issues of 6pm the ratings would lift. When Family Feud first started The Projects figures were quite strong. I really think the issue is having 150k at 6pm.


If it’s paying for itself then Ten will be happy.


It doesn’t have to be live (it isn’t into other states) and even live 80 - 90% is precorded before the show airs. So a late Sunday start shouldn’t change anything for them

I mean this ONLY for Sundays not weekdays


Yeah, sure. That will be news delivered differently. Three to six hours old. :joy:


Trust me. It is anyway. The project is mostly filmed early arvo and edited together with the live portions leading into the interviews


No there are sometimes 1 or 2 segments pre-recorded, and these occur not long before the show airs. I’ve been in the studio twice and most of the show was live the days that I was there apart from 1 or 2 things.


The only live bit last Sunday before the interviews was the end bit with Bianca Del Rio.
Everything else was a minute of the panel chatting then cutting into the stories. (okay and the actual news headlines were read live the second time)

My point is, its easily done to be recorded a couple of hours prior for the show if they need without anything seemingly dated.


I doubt that you can look at things in isolation. That hour may be paying for itself, but if it drags the whole schedule down, those programs won’t be paying for themselves. The synergy of the network counts for more than its individual slots.


But I don’t think The Project is what is dragging the network down. There has been success from 10 with The Project in it. I believe it is that 6pm slot that needs to be looked at properly.


I’m sure Ten will do well replacing it with something new. Look at Changing Rooms, DWTS and Takeaway.


6pm is one of many problems but remember it has never been a slot that Ten have won in, or even been competitive in. News on Seven and Nine have always won. That network’s issues are far deeper and across the board from breakfast, mornings and right through primetime most nights.