Sunday 24 February 2019

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Does it really have something to do with the presenter? IMO Melbourne’s bulletin is to do with the content and presentation. Jennifer Keyte was always better than Alicia yet she was always outrated.


Peter Mitchell. But I think Nine News’ victory in Melbourne was due to both lead-out (MAFS) and lead-in (Postcards beating the debut of The Great Weekend).


Nine had a very rare win in Perth last night in network share though Seven still won the main channel.


Surely management heads need to roll at 10.


Takeaway went far too long. Should be an hour max.


I dont get the appeal with reality at the best of times. But MAFS surely takes it to another level. Good on 9 though. Credit where it is due. They really made something out of it after its first few seasons.


The MAFS social channels were going crazy last nights episode. A few thousand post comments within a matter of minutes is off the charts.


10 has probably killed of their new shows by debuting them against MAFS. Even Masterchef would fail badly against this competition. However, they have to offer something. They still need to fix up their early evening because it’s giving their shows nothing to build on. Morning shows are doing better than 10’s early evening.




Disappointing number for Takeaway. Felt it was a good show, albeit a little long. Not sure how a programme can ever rate if they put it on at 7:30, 30 mins after seven and nine have put MAFS AND MKR to air. Sunday Project lead in just kills everything for ten.


I know it’s easy to say this with the benefit of hindsight, but whoever thought it was a good idea to schedule the premiere of Sunday Night Takeaway against the phenomenon that is Married At First Sight should be sacked!


People slam 10 for no new content and then they slam them when they show new content against established shows. :roll_eyes: Well, what’s your solution?


Good question. 24 hours of the Project?


So are you saying that Ten should completely give up just because MAFS is doing well?

I think they just need to stick with Sunday Night Takeaway. The general feedback from those who watched it is pretty positive and it seems the length is the only real thing that went against it. So if they shorten it this week and keep the show on once MAFS ends it could grow and gain momentum.

The only thing Ten did wrong was lose some of I’m a Celeb’s audience by launching Changing Rooms. As a result the schedule has been all over the place and they have basically handed some viewers over to MAFS which has made launching things harder. It doesn’t mean some of these shows are bad… they just need more time.


Wait until they release details of their new channel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


People slam 10 for no new content and then they slam them when they show new content against established shows. :roll_eyes: Well, what’s your solution?

handing back the licence? :wink:

No seriously, Ten is not going to compete with 7 and 9 in this space. So you do the next best thing - find a target audience you can appeal to and go there. Ignore the All People and let media commentators spit and moan and continue doing what you’re doing - you’ll have successes and failures. But it will help to get more successes. Continue to be bold and brave. Or bold and peachy :wink:


Thanks, Rupert Murdoch. You will not rest until you eliminate your FTA competition.


Again, it’s easy to say this with the benefit of hindsight but maybe they should’ve launched “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” at the usual time of year. OK, so that program mightn’t have gotten 1 million viewers like it did against sport coverage in January but being an established format, surely it would’ve at least gotten 500k-600k?

Some of these newer formats would fare a lot better in October/November, when Seven & Nine have all but gone into “Summer Mode” but viewers are still looking for something new to watch.


Don’t think people are slamming Ten for giving a new show a chance. And the post above is correct feedback for Takeaway has been positive. They just shoot themselves in the foot for when they schedule it and giving the competition a 30 min head start!


Yeah good point. Maybe they should consider Sunday Project 6-7pm, Sunday Night Takeaway 7-830pm and then Hughesy from 8.30pm/