Sunday 20 January 2019

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Don’t worry, Ms Fisher will bring the young’ns back in droves. :poop:


As expected huge ratings for the Tennis, Nine sweeping up the rights may just be the tipping point for the 2019 ratings season if it can capitalize on its audience.

I agree with most comments here, Seven have made a mistake with the Cricket rights. Not only in that they on sold to Fox, but just in general considering the controversy around cricket lately. One would also wonder (having never watched cricket) if they’re coverage quality is not on par with what 10 and Nine have delivered previously.

10 and Celebrity is part 1 of their new strategy for this year and so far it has been on point. Last night we saw promos for more of the schedule and new shows, Changing rooms looking fantastic and Sunday night takeaway getting some air time.

I am starting to notice a fresher feel on 10, if that is translating to others and the shows fire on all cylinders, we may have a resurgent 10.


But that has nothing to do with the sport… it only has to do with the figures on 7. Saying the sport is dead is so far away from the truth. Cricket on 7 is dead is closer to the truth.


I suspect they’ve gone as low as they can go. Once you hit rock bottom, there’s only one way you can go.

I read in Nine’s SMH that Tim Worner is basically saying tennis is for a few week’s, cricket is content covering three months and he remains adamant ratings are meeting expectations. Bit of spin I think!


Delusional boss of a delusional network that doesn’t seem to have a grasp on what the real problem is. That’s potentially going to cost them the year if it continues.


I’m a Celebrity beating the Cricket…As expected, I predicted a decline in ratings for the Big Bash. 10’s strategy seems to pay off. May as well be the best non-sports show of the year. Nine is doing a great job with the tennis with excellent ratings.


Ha! I think so too.

At the end of the three months he will either be correct and it delivered them what they needed, or, he has signed up for three months of mediocre ratings, dragging down the network - forgoing a ‘few weeks’ of stellar ratings and commercial share, along with the critical launchpad AO used to provide.

Overall good to see some different strategy’s in place for all 3 networks this year. So far 10 and Nine have fared the best.


Their bottom was when they launched 11 and lost all their young audience , dying every night with dance shows and Priscilla reality, and a 7th placing negus at 6:30.


PTSD inducing. Don’t remind me please!


Even if Seven had exclusive coverage, I doubt the BBL would do as well as you think because this season hasn’t been great. Frankly the 2 WBBL semifinals played last Saturday were more exciting & thrilling than anything the BBL has delivered this season.

In regards to your renegotiation point, it’s a sure-fire way for CA ending up being embroiled in a lawsuit with Fox for termination of contract…

They can probably increase the amount of games played because they did that during Ten’s tenure. However, doubt they would be able to reduce the number of games without compensating Seven & Fox.

To be fair, last night’s match (like a lot of matches this season) was one-sided - it was pretty clear early in the 2nd innings that the Sixers were going to win. Therefore, there wouldn’t have been much incentive for most people to continue watching - especially considering the Federer upset unfolding on Nine

Here we go yet again… People here have been predicting/hoping/begging that Nine would win the ratings year for years now & they haven’t been able to do so - even when Seven has virtually given them clear air to do so.

Based on their lineup, programming strategy (& the problems evident within it) and past history, I’m yet to see or be convinced what’s different this year that will turn the tide in their favour

Your overdramatized ‘doomsday’ statements/predictions about Seven are more ridiculous with each new post…


Hey they haven’t had the tennis before have they? Big change. And I’m talking facts, with a bit of speculative/considered opinion. Not begging.


Well considering CA got themselves into this mess then they can fix it up. As to how, that’s not my problem.

That’s the general attitude on MS these days.

It’s not overdramatized, because even you would admit that their strategy this year has not fired yet and has gaping holes through it.


They had the tennis. They lost the tennis. They’re lucky they managed to get the cricket.

I think Seven are going to struggle more this year than they have in the past. However, in so many past years, people have written them completely off but then they change their schedules and programming and come back to win.

Ratings season hasn’t even started. Your reaction is overdramatised, Chicken Little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Let’s see what happens next week and beyond.


Considering how weak Ten Sydney has been in recent years (outside a few key programs, of which “D Listers in the Jungle” is one), Seven should be absolutely ashamed that their main channel was (presumably) 3rd in this market last night.

I’m sure Seven will remain competitive on a five-city basis in 2019 largely due to the AFL in the Southern states and the consistent strength of Seven loyalist markets like Perth & Adelaide, although I wouldn’t expect it to be a great year here in Nine-loving Sydney…


So that’s three months of damage the cricket will do to 7.


Nine first, daylight second is one way to sum up last night.


It performs fine for them when it’s not up against the tennis or Celebrity so I wouldn’t say the entire three months are problematic. It’s just at this time of the year, Seven usually have shows and shares ranking towards the top of daily totals and charts. This year they don’t (with the exception of their national news).


Locked into at least 43/59 BBL for this rights deal unless they want to renegotiate (ie give money back).
Still the possibility of expanding it in both length and teams. Essentially, CA want it to head towards being fixtured much like the AFL/NRL (say Th-M with very few day games). Ground availability becomes a concern though. WBBL will commence in Oct this year becoming stand alone, it’s already fixtured mainly as a weekend event.


The regular 10.30 NCIS on Bold (ie the repeat of the repeat) that’s there Wed and Thu doesn’t particularly rate either, has little impact on their share.


I’m not sure why Seven are coding BBL games into 5 parts, it’s making their ratings look worse