Sunday 14 June 2020

That figure highlights why Nine won’t deviate from their OTT/misleading promotional strategy one bit. Indeed, usual MasterChef/BB viewers on social media being pissed off that they were tricked demonstrates that it worked perfectly last night.


Seven should keep BB as Monday to Wednesday, they will get a better result.

MC doing incredibly well and consistent.

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Not a public holiday everywhere though.

It’s sad but true - their promos are effective in maintaining and also stealing audiences away from other shows. I know we all (including myself) love to bag The Voice for being a show about the coaches rather than contestants, but it’s a proven marketing tool. The whole cheating scandal is overblown but we still watch it because we want to know what happens.

I was thinking about that. Seven has done well on Sundays with news specials (as proven with the Ben Cousins special, the coronavirus bulletin and Ruby Princess special) and they should stick to doing that (but obviously with better story choices). Maybe a combination of a hard-hitting investigation show and a crime show would do well?

As expected, The Voice performed well with that ‘cheating’ scandal promo luring the viewers to see what is essentially a normal show. Thankfully, Masterchef is still king and that title is well deserved. This season has been exceptional from the get go and it’s been a joy to watch.


Agreed - airing Sunday-Tuesday puts BB in direct competition with Masterchef for all 3 episodes and Sunday Monday against The Voice.
If it airs Monday-Wednesday it’ll have Wednesday solely to itself.

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But those specials have been combined with a 7pm reality show. Those sorts of shows are not going to be as competitive as BB is at 7pm

It also would push The Front BAr back to a 9:15pm starting time on Wednesday.

These are more like the ratings I was expecting for Big Brother and I think it will struggle to do better than that with The Voice and Masterchef as competition.

I also saw that last night - viewers complaining that they only watched The Voice to see what Guy did. When the episode ended, many were saying they would have switched over to Masterchef/BB if it wasn’t falsely advertised that the scandal would air last night.

Also interesting to note that The Voice isn’t garnering as much attention on social media - BBAU and Masterchef were trending #1 and #2 on Twitter (housemates like Angela and Tahlia were also trending in the Top 10) but the highest I ever saw The Voice was around #26 and it disappeared very quickly.

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Given it was pre-recorded months ago, there is no incentive to watch the eviction live.


How can that many people still be subjecting themselves to The Voice? especially while there is quality competition from BB and MC.
Sending a bad message to networks allowing them to get away with lazy formats that stretch 4mins worth on content into 80mins of airtime.


Over 40% of The Voice’s audience is over 55!! I’m not sure why, but the show seems to attract an old audience. It’s not doing that well in key demos, coming behind Masterchef and BB.
Nine’s dramatic promos suck people in and we literally spent the whole episode waiting for the scandal only to be told at the end that it’s airing the next day.

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I thought those specials that aired this year didn’t have a reality show airing along with them? Pretty sure the reality show that was on air at the time was MKR and that didn’t air on Sundays.

The streaming will rate it higher…

The way I do it, is The Voice live, and then I watch Big Brother on 7Plus.

Interestingly if you look at Twitter, the #BBAU hashtag it goes off during the show, even if you look now it is still going…

I am sure another good guage for the networks if a show is going well is Social Media traffic… my Facebook and Twitter have been full of people talking about nothing but Big Brother… Even today at work, I have been put into a group email chat about last nights episode…

I only tuned in at the end, assuming that they’d drag it out for most of the episode and then show the ‘drama’ at the end. I was surprised to see this will now be shown tonight. What’s the bet that it’s something completely over-hyped…


I have to admit, I was one of the ones that was pissed that this cheating scandal wasn’t aired… felt kind of tricked to be honest…

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It’s rather interesting to note the differing viewing tastes of our five main metropolitan markets. Brisbane & Perth prefer flashy entertainment shows, while Melbourne & Adelaide love their food.

Sydney seems to like a bit of both on the surface, but in reality I suspect we’re a metropolitan area who’s televisual tastes (like so many other things in life) are largely divided by geographical differences with only 20k between The Voice & MasterChef. This viewer wouldn’t be overly surprised if MasterChef rates best in the more cultured/foodie areas of inner city and Eastern Sydney, while the Western suburbs prefer the flashy shiny floor entertainment that shows like The Voice deliver.

Earlier in the evening, it seems that Nine News is again smashing it on Sunday nights in Sydney while the return of AFL has brought Melbournians back to Seven.

As per usual, social media commentary shouldn’t be used as a totally accurate representation of what the entire nation is watching. If Twitter trends truly reflected the ratings, there’d be several shows particularly on Ten and the ABC (Seven and Nine is considered to be poisonous by many on that platform) with considerably higher OzTAM numbers than they typically get!

While I personally don’t have a particularly high opinion of The Voice, is Big Brother really that much better? Going by what I’ve seen/heard about BB 2020, I’d say it’s just as downmarket as The Voice is.


Gosh I’m in no way insinuating that Twitter trends are representative of ratings. It does however show that the younger age groups don’t watch The Voice, which is obvious when you look at the demos. No-one in their 40-50s would be on Twitter, but teenagers and those in their 20s (maybe even 30s) like live-tweeting which shows they flock to BB and Masterchef more than The Voice

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