Studio 10


Good to have her back. Hopefully with KAK, Denise and Ding Dong, there will be a little more stability on the panel.


They said Denise is doing a few days every couple of weeks at the moment, so I’m thinking she is doing Wed-Friday every 2nd week.

Ding Dong does dinner is back tomorrow.


The set looked absolutely incredible in that flashing party mode this morning!

But watch the video, the caps don’t do it justice:


Denise will appear for two days every second week.
A quote from a recent interview she gave on returning to Studio 10 “l’m just hoping that l can deliver, it’s a huge responsibility,l’m so lucky that they left that job open for me-certainly at my age”.


It seems this show has some of its mojo back. Is it the combination of the new set and new EP and the team working well to improve the overall product. Are the ratings trending upwarsds?


From what I have seen, S10 usually sits at about 60 000 viewers for the main block now. That is compared to about 40000/50000 last year. Also, the last press release suggested a 10% increase in viewership since November.


Great moment there with Ding Dong’s phone going off and Sarah’s response in taking the call. The show needs more of this spontaneity and humour. Glad to see Ding Dong back on the panel and it will be good to see her interact with KAK and Denise Scott as well if their days ever overlap.


Some figures for yesterdays show are available in the comments section on TV Tonight’s ratings wrap from last night, not bad for that particular portion of the show.




Yvie Jones is joining Sarah, Ange and Joe on the panel today.


Are they shortening their pool of guests hosts now or just bringing people on for a few weeks?


The new opener was updated this morning to include shots of Denise Drysdale (previously ding dong’s shots were control room as they hadnt filmed anything)


Is this new? Looks like a good idea, like the Project metro whip around (do they still do that?) but could be executed better IMO.


That stopped years ago.


Thanks for that!

Just watched The Project for the first time on a Friday night in a while and what a shame they no longer do it as I always enjoyed that.




Monday -

Yvie Jones on the panel with Joe,Angela and Sarah.


Sarah was flash-dancing with the stars today