Studio 10


Hey Hey It’s Studio 10?


Probably cause they had Bob Katter booked


I actually think it’s pretty awesome, that they can actually hand over the show to hosts who are just as capable, but show that there are things in life that are important to step away for.

Very professional, very classy but real moment of telly.


As Tarsh said we are the B team…they are a talented back up team (Tarsh,Yvie Jones, Richard Reid)this year.
It’s so respectful to show support to a colleague during the worst of times.

Tuesday -
Richard Reid is on the panel.


Wednesday -

Denise Drysdale is returning :partying_face:


I wasn’t saying it was unprofessionally thought it was odd but they did handle it well and professional. I’m liking this new look studio ten something has sparked and it has to do with everyone involved .


I think those rectangular red and yellow lights should be more pastel to match the rest of the backdrop.


Cassandra Thorburn has signed up to be a regular guest on Studio 10, according to multiple news reports.


But why?


This has already been mentioned when she signed for DWTS.


After Tarsh read the news update Ding Dong made her grand entrance in typical Ding Dong style :joy:


Such a Studio 10 entrance and terrific to see.

Welcome back Ding Dong. You’ve been missed!


Excuse the double post, but here’s a video of the ding dong entrance


Great to have Ding Dong back but the difference in chair heights are ridiculous with her in the middle.


Good lord. That intro is hideously cheesy - and not in a good way. I’m all for fun but I find this so cringe.


I kind of feel that when they knew the pell verdict was today, they should have saved Denise’s return until tomorrow, knowing they would be going into serious mode and she wouldn’t fit. I tuned in late but im guessing she left just as the verdict coverage started?


When the judges sentencing finished Denise and Richard were not on the panel,with Tarsh joining Sarah, Angela and Joe for Pell sentencing discussion.


Studio10 finished in NSW and Vic at midday AEDT but has continued elsewhere with Sarah throwing to a news update with Tarsh. Sarah, Joe, Ange & Denise are on the couch.


After 11am in Brisbane


The 65 year olds in the audience seemed to love it