Studio 10


Hopefully it continues throughout the year that both Richard and Yvie make regular appearances on the panel.


You’re getting way too excited about a television set. You don’t want to peak too soon with premature celebration. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tarsh being away from the rest of the team reminds me of Ann/Natalie’s news desk on NBC Today back in the day.
Set looks absolutely amazing. That’s the only word I could determine for it. Just wish the desk was a little bigger so it could fit 6 people so the show could go back to having a fifth panelist in the future. As I’ve previously mentioned, I really hope the show brings back a fifth panelist back permeantly soon, particularly if Ding Dong doesn’t want to commit to Studio 10 on a continuing basis anymore (she could be like Carlotta).
Wish the ticker at the top of the video wall was a little bigger. If it was they could use it like they do on NBC Today with the date and changed with segments. Like:

Were there any changes to the advertiorals? One way I think the show could improve their ratings (but would unlikely ever happen because of the financial losses) is to drop the advertiorals entirely. When I am on school holidays, the advertiorals makes all the morning shows unwatchable. I normally give up and watch NBC Today or nothing at all.
As always, interested in others thoughts?


Just caught up on this. Set looks huge! but im sure its smaller in person.

Looks like their audience area is now just seats for the die hard fans who come every day.


The new set suits Studio 10 perfectly. IMO fits much better than the news. They can really take advantage of the multiple presentation spaces.

I don’t really like the desk for the news but it’s perfect for Studio 10, especially with the colour running through.


How many times has Sarah had to introduce a brand new set/era for the show now? :wink:


IMG_20190306_122347 Tuesday - Thursday :

Richard Reid on the panel with Sarah, Angela and Joe.


Love the new look and it’s now watchable. Interesting they swapped Joe to the left and Sarah too the right.

Just watched them eat gravy with pancakes…lol😂


Which is how it was when the show started. They only switched when the original set was modified to include a big screen, so Sarah could use it behind her.

As much as I love Richard Reid, I feel like i’m kinda over him being on the panel. He’s done almost 2 full weeks and while I like the consistency, would love some new voices at the desk.

Craig used the screens between the big screen and the lounge set for showbiz today.



I’d love to see them bring back a few more of their variety segments, even a “spin the wheel” or “super happy fun day” (or whatever it was called) show. With their new set it would be a lot of fun and have need little setup…


Date Night with Ang & Robbo was also a good segment that could easily be bought back. And I know it will never happen since she has cut all ties with the show, but I would love a weekly “Ask Ita” type segment with Carlotta.


Hopefully the new EP and her team invite Carlotta back to the show. I know she left, per say, a while back.



Thursday -
Hugh Riminton is presenting news updates this morning.


That never happened. Who’s eat pancakes with gravy?


yes they did, yesturday’s episode they tried it on the show after talking about it. Don’t call me a liar thanks. If you didn’t watch the show, then fine. But watch the segment. I don’t appreciate being called a lair when I infact watched that segment in yesturday mornings show thank you very much.


Friday 8 March -

Sarah hosting with Yvie Jones, Angela and Kate Peck on the panel for International Women’s Day.


For the life of me I can’t understand why they put Kate Peck on the show this morning, she doesn’t contribute or articulate much to the overall conversation.

Some diversity of the panel today would’ve been a great way to celebrate international women’s day IMO, I can think of many other females who would’ve been a better fit and been a better reflection of what today is all about.


Denise Drysdale is returning to Studio 10 next week.:partying_face: