Studio 10


I can’t get over how well they integrated the set into the existing space.
ie: How the control room is practically a feature of the set too now.


Looking good


The new desk and set looks fantastic. I don’t like the way you can see into the newsroom when they’re on the couch. People walking around in the background is distracting.


Edit: video posted below.


You don’t actually see Kerri-Anne’s face in the opener - I suspect because it’s not actually her because she’s been understandably absent for the past week when they filmed that.
That shot will probably be replaced when she does return.



Wasn’t somebody here hoping for some CBS-esque brickwork elements?

Looks like they got their wish.


Video shows opener, look back at some of the previous sets, new set construction time lapse and tour of studio.


The set is stunning. Not sure the desk is big enough to accommodate five people though.


It fit 5 later in the show and looked ok.



New seating positions for the team.
Denise Scott appeared on the show talking DWTS, she is now going to have a rest before returning to Studio 10.


I think the line up should be as such:

Sarah. Angela. Joe.

3 days:
Denise Scott

2 days:

Once a week:
Richard Reid
Jacquie Lambie
Sam Dastiyari

Natasha Belling.
Fill in - Hugh Rimminton.

You have stability.



Less randoms like Peter Berner and Vince Sorrenti taking up 2-3 days on the panel. Save them for special guests (5th panelists).


Can you imagine how good this set will look with the scrolling ticker at the top during breaking news coverage?


Wow. Calm down. You don’t want to peak too early.


No room for Jonathan Coleman?


Not sure what you mean? They’ve built the ticker into the set - it will be used when needed I guess.


Remove Sam Dastiyari.


Jono could be squeezed in :joy: