Studio 10


There’s a soft set integrated into the new set with the old weather wall as the background. They’ve got multiple presenting spaces it seems.


Sandra said it would be used for Studio 10 as well


So happy a soft set is back. I imagine the blue light boxes can colour change.


Would guess this is possibly where Tarsh will do the news updates from


I’d say it would be where Sandra does the intro / standing presentation.


That’s behind the main desk. For logistics of moving guests in during the news etc, I think it will be the sport area.


Yes. From one of @SamSamTV’s caps in the 10 News First thread:


It’s an even more awkward angle if done from the sport wall as evidenced by cross back to Sandra


I just realised that’s ANOTHER screen behind Sandra, the old weather wall repurposed?


yeah looks like the old Weather Wall.


Not the same, it’s a new wall. The old one had more monitors. 16 panels IIRC.


From the wide shot, it looks like Tarsh appears on the wall behind the couch.


Promo for tomorrow


Nightmare fuel


Oh god, fixed it up :joy:


Having seen the new set now, what the hell is this guy cleaning then :rofl:


cursed image


the windows on the side of the set that show the newsroom


also hoping that their got some outer stuff to make it look good like plants and nic naks


If I was the producer of Studio 10, I would change up the opening with the new set. I would start with a zoom in showing the panel talking at the desk. Sarah is standing at the big screen and does the whole “This morning on Studio 10” package on the screen, and ends with “This is studio 10” and it cuts to the animated opener. While that is happening Sarah walks back to the desk.

Excited to see the use. I think Tarsh will be at the sport screens, and I hope they use some of the other vertical screens to intro segments and for showbiz file stuff.

Infomercials are gonna look out of place again though as they are on the old set :frowning: