Studio 10


The long awaited upgrade that the newsroom has needed after years of neglect


I still think Studio 10 will launch the set… so Tuesday then!


There’s a video online saying it’ll be launched tomorrow at 5pm.


Unless there’s been a delay, I agree we’ll probably see the new set in use on Sydney’s 5pm news tomorrow since news services traditionally launch new branding elements on Mondays.


Yeah I imagine 5pm news tomorrow and studio 10 first time Tuesday.

Explains why they settled with using the melbourne desk and didn’t replace it. Cause something bigger and better was on the way…


Looking very forward to it.

Will anybody be recording tomorrow’s 5pm Sydney news in .TS raw format for the vaults?


We’ll see.

Either way, can not wait.


Monday -
Sarah hosting with Yvie Jones, Joe and Angela on the panel.


They’ve definitely found a good co host in Yvie.


The new S10 set is a massive let down


See this


Revealed! The new studio will be made of wood, be painted and contain glass!


Agree, love Yvie on there. Such a down to earth and relatable person who adds a little fun to the show.


You get all the scoops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The MS art department is preparing a First On watermark.


Making a semi educated guess at the paint roller and drill picture looks to me to be a desk riser with led lights.
Can’t wait to see how it looks


Some elements of the new Sydney set look similar to this, so you could be onto something…


What do we think will change for Studio 10 tomorrow, new desk or can this one be repurposed for the show?

Perhaps the logo on the front can be changed out for that of Studio 10 to replace the 10 one?

I’m hoping they introduce a proper soft set again with a decent couch, I’ve really missed this from the show.


From what I’ve seen so far, I reckon the modifications for Studio 10 will be relatively minor. Perhaps bringing in a couch and flipping the 10 logo on the desk to a Studio 10 one, that sort of thing.


I certainly would be seating the audience like that if I were 10. It would look amazing.