Studio 10




The tighter shots (including the shot of the team at the desk) actually looks nicer than when they were in the newsroom. The lighting and quality is so much better.

Great to have the studio audience back today. Hopefully, a new area for the audience is a part of the newsroom renovations.


Studio 1 is the actual studio.
Studio 2 is the atrium.


Is that Trump next to Natarsha? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the vertical monitors gives it a different look. Shame the logo isn’t centered.



I believe that’s because it’s not static, the backdrop is animated so the logo moves around.


Why must sets always be so dark?


As temporary sets go, that’s pretty good. Was also good to have the audience back.


Why couldn’t they have just stayed upstairs outside for one more day and launched on the new set on Monday?


Maybe the outside area will also be upgraded as well


it was rain


Sarah posted on her Facebook: " Guys… Spent the arvo doing lighting checks on our BRAND SPANKING NEW Studio 10 SET!! Can’t wait to show you all!!". And in reply to one of the audience regulars who commented she said “Patricia Cochrane I reckon you guys will love where you’re seated too :two_hearts:


If they stay in the newsroom then I’m guessing they will rotate everything 90-degrees so that the audience is sitting right in front of the set again (or at least either side of the cameras).

Or maybe some of the audience will sit behind the desk and form part of the backdrop?


I hope whatever they do with the new set in the newsroom is that none of the newsroom is exposed. It just doesn’t feel right for a morning show. Hopefully they’ll have something sorted so that the area where reporters and co are sitting are covered up completely, though I wouldn’t mind the foyer of the 10 building be used though.


They should just move the show back into the original studio (although they won’t).
It worked so well in there.


I think they need their own studio. I liked their old one in studio 1 (I believe it’s called). I don’t think it has ever looked good in the newsroom and I don’t think a morning show/entertainment show looks good coming from a newsroom, nor does it suit it. Given what Sarah has said about the audience seating, the new Studio 10 set could look something like this…


Sarah has commented further that they wont be in until Tuesday as “Builders are still drilling and laying new floor!”


The upgrade must be massive. It’s taken a fair bit of time. More than cosmetic changes.