Studio 10


Is the Blue LED in the Newsroom new?


Looked like a tough assignment :wink:


Yeah, it was a rough day in the office that one


I think Sarah was impressed you had tatts :wink:


You are one of 10’s best assets. Hope they launch the morning news soon.


I think Sarah is battling a cold - I think that may have been the cold and flu meds talking!


Thanks mate. That’s very kind of you. I’m having a great time with the S10 team




Nah, it’s been there since 2011/2012ish. It can change colour too.


KAK’s husband, John has sadly passed away last night


Richard Reid is on the panel again today with Sarah, Joe and Ange.

That’s so sad.



Sarah read our Kerri-Anne’s instagram post

Beautiful words from the team on this very sad news as Sarah said she continued coming to work and carried on putting on a smile this week despite what was happening with John’s condition in the past few days.


Video here

Also from TMS & Today Extra



Statement from Network 10, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson:

"We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Kerri-Anne Kennerley and John’s son Simon on the passing of their beloved husband and father John Kennerley.

John faced some enormous challenges over the last few years and during this time, Kerri-Anne, in her usual grace and stamina, has shown enormous strength, compassion, love and commitment.

Our thoughts are with Kerri-Anne, Simon and their family during this difficult time."


Beautiful words this morning, especially from Angela having lost her husband herself.
Can’t believe she was on air yesterday.
Condolences to KAK.


Friday -
Natarsha Belling hosting (Tarsh said Sarah is unwell)with Jono Coleman, Joe and Angela on the panel.
The show is coming from a studio with an audience… Joe said we are in studio 1.
The show started with the team sitting at the desk.

Hugh Riminton is presenting news updates.


Is this the newsroom studio or the old studio that they were in?


Looks to be the old studio