Studio 10


Rooftop again today. Sarah just said they have been kicked out of their studio for the week.


Tuesday -

Angela Bishop presenting Showbiz from the Entertainment Tonight set.


Is Sarah wearing a nose ring today? I can’t tell, but it kind of looks like it.


I have a feeling she could be hot her make-up is looking very shiny…


Lachlan Kennedy is doing a series of reports on ‘Odd Jobs’ this week, yesterday he was working as a industrial garbo.


A shift in content after 11am today for special coverage of Cardinal George Pell being convicted.

5th panellist Yvie Jonies was switched out for Tarsh, joining the panel at the desk.


Live into Queensland


Arguably the courtyard looks way better than the newsroom set.


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Extended show today for the rolling coverage…

It is great now that we have Tarsh on the show because on days like this when we go into rolling coverage she is there to join in.

EDIT - Coverage finished at 1pm


Studio 10 does so much good with rolling coverage and then completely disregards its Perth audience. The show was live with the Pell news. It ended at 10am Perth time in line with the live finish. They then picked up parts of the show that were missed, but the first thing was a news update with Tarsh with no word on Pell. So from live news back to 3 hour old news :frowning:


You can’t say that Perth is “completely” disregarded since the news was reported live. I’d agree with the comment if the whole show was delayed.


True. But the transition could have been better. Even a simple “Earlier on Studio 10” transition…to the average viewer they would be confused.


Yvie was wiping sweat from under her eyes a couple of times. The rooftop setting looks great but is open to the elements.


I’d they could enclose it in and use it as a proper indoor set up it’d be great year round for studio 10


Wednesday -

Including Coverage of George Pell conviction today.

Sarah hosting with Kerri-Anne, Joe and Richard Reid on the panel.


Is Richard on the panel all week?


He is filling in for Angela who covered the Oscars depends on what day she returns this week.


I saw his appearance on Monday and he was quite a good contributor. Would be good to have him on more often if he chooses to spend more time in Australia.


Natarsha replaced Richard Reid at the desk at 9.30am when coverage of Pell arriving at court happened.