Studio 10


The show looks great from the rooftop.


When are they gonna reveal their set?



Ambulance Australia

They’ll be on the roof top again tomorrow


No sneak peak after it was teased a few times earlier this morning.


Richard Reid and Yvie Jones also on the panel tomorrow.


And Denise Scott.


It will be like last Tuesday with her coming in for a chat about DWTS.


Hope this happens:


put them up on that balcony permanently. have an advertorial set in the studio and Tarsh on news updates with a busy newsroom background (News Exchange / Chief of Staff maybe? bank of TVs on the wall etc)


They can’t have a studio audience then, and that is a fundamental point of difference for Studio 10.


do they need an audience?


:roll_eyes: Do they need five panellists?


Let Yvie let her hair hang down!


Looks good on the rooftop, how big the accessible part of the rooftop? It would look awesome if the audience and the rooftop setting was a decent addition to the show


I’m surprised the didn’t just do a week out of Melbourne.


Surely Wake Up could have been done from the roof top back in the day? Looks great and would have been cheaper then that random SLS clubhouse.


The roof is fine when the weather is favourable (a bit of wind aside). But in crappy weather it wouldn’t look nice and would certainly be a hostile working environment. They should build a glass-walled room on the roof!


No it often makes it worse especially when Joe gets nothing for a joke


Which is most of the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: