Studio 10


A hint?

And what agreements does Sam Pang have to Studio 10? Has he ever appeared? :thinking:


Is it a joke because he often takes the piss out of Studio 10?


Sure is, doubt it’s anything more than that.


Wednesday -

Sarah hosting with Jono Coleman, Jo Casamento and Joe on the panel.


Studio 10 having a Ready Steady Cook challenge this morning.

Ironic given the McKnight Tonight podcast this week with Peter Everett and the news of KAK filming a pilot back in 2017 which didn’t get picked up.

Edit: Peter Everett hosting the cook-off in the courtyard area and the whole thing is a mess, terribly produced and they haven’t been given enough time. The only thing keeping it together is Peter, he really should host / produce all of the cooking segments on Studio 10 imo.


Listened to that podcast last night. Parts were a savage indictment on the autocratic style of management at TEN. Can’t say I’m surprised about the culture of the place given the garbage they continue to dish up and the ham fisted handling of certain situations.


How do you what the culture is like post CBS buyout and McKnight leaving?


TV Tonight Readers voted Studio 10 the Best Talk Show in their annual awards. The show also tied for best Morning Show with News Breakfast.


Thursday -

Sarah hosting with James O’Loghlin,Joe and Angela Bishop is back on the panel today.
Chatting to Julia and Chris in the I’m a Celebrity… jungle on today’s show.


Studio 10 thanks TV Tonight and wishes David Knox a happy 12th birthday for the blog.


Sarah mentioned that James will be back tomorrow also.


In the Today topic people were talking about the Meet The Team page being inaccurate. Well, Studio 10’s is also wrong. Denise Scott, KAK & Angela Bishop aren’t listed as part of the team.


Fake tan on special?


I’ve come across this video of Joe driving this interview segment. I notice that Ange does this a lot but has he ever done this before?


Friday -

Angela Bishop hosting with Jono Coleman, Joe and James O’Loghlin on the panel.


Very male heavy panel again when it’s typically the other way around, id be interested to see if that had any impact in the ratings breakdown.

Assume Sarah has the day off for doing The Sunday Project last week and possibly again this weekend.


Lisa is in New York so I assume she is hosting again.


Tarsh Belling starts tomorrow according to her social media.


The new EP also starts tomorrow IIRC.