Studio 10


Friday -

Georgia Love hosting with Jo Casamento, Jono Coleman and Joe on the panel.


Angela also headed “off to LA” yesterday. Let’s see if she is on at all next week.


Covering the golden globes




Likely excuse. It’s a good ruse though for Joe.


Or you know…her job like she does every year? Since Studio 10 began she has always gone to the awards.


She always covers awards season in the US for 10 News/Studio 10.She will be on for Golden Globes reports and probably has interviews lined up while she is in the US.


Or in front of a green screen!


Not likely!


I would have thought 10 would have wanted to start from scratch this year, the show is so messy with all the changes and rotating cast. I would have ditched the cast and name and started a ‘10 Daily’ morning show with news and information, plus segments based on what’s happening on the website. Have 3 or so hosts to chat about the topics and interview guests. Could do it with advertorials still, but it’d be a bit of a departure from recent struggles and likely be much cheaper.

I’d also argue for some younger presenters to match the new 10 style. I’d run it from 8-11am.


I wonder what 10 have planned for Sarah Harris in 2019/2020. After being tipped to return to Nine, Sarah pubically said she was opened to it but had 12 months on her contract.

If they don’t give her some more The Project or even 10 NNews First stints, they will lose her.


She did?


My suggestion in mock schedules


I reckon Sarah is ready for a bigger project, but I’d wait to see how the show gets on when the new EP gets her hands in/Tarsh starts.


She joked that if they paid her $x she would dress up as the Cash Cow.


Well if there’s a new show that Grant, Julia or Chris aren’t hosting she may get a go!?


I was thinking something newsy but sure, since Shark Tank was rested!


Sarah’s role on Shark Tank turned into nothing more than a voiceover gig after season one. Hopefully Ten have something more for her in 2019.


They could do a newsier breakfast show “10 Daily” 6am -10am with Sarah Harris and follow it with a fluffier “Studio 10” 10am-12 noon. In the same way Nine have Today and Today Extra.


Something needs to be done. I reckon Sarah and Hamish the central roles with Tarsh but keep people like Denise Scott and Drysdale cause they are good value and offer something different to the other channels.