Studio 10


Tuesday 1 January -

Kerri-Anne hosting with Susie Elelman,Joe and Angela on the panel.


KAK is not as good as Sarah or Tarsh but she is much better than Ange. I often find the latter is out of her depth and needs the panel to carry her; she is a good panellist though.

Always good to Susie on the panel.


Wow, very surprised to see they’ve opted for KAK to be in the hosts chair today.


Wednesday 2 January -

Angela Bishop hosting with Kerri-Anne, Peter Berner and Joe on the panel.


Not very consistent…


Personally l would prefer the same person in the host chair for the whole week.


The show has just lost it’s vibe, I tuned in this morning and it felt very flat and turned it off after about 20 minutes.

The same old shit with Kerri-Anne with her shoes up on the desk showing off some flashy shoes and Ange a bit of her depth reading from an auto-cue as she’s much better suited to offering opinions or interviewing etc.


Well that’s boring haha!


Viewers have watched the same two people present The Morning Show for 12 years. And they’re number one. Those viewers clearly aren’t bored.


Geez calm down mate! :joy: Sunrise change hosts every day!


Uh, no they don’t.

Sunrise has had Koch and Nat since 2002 and Beretts since 2003 (or 2004?), Sam Armytage since 2013 (even though she was on weekends since 2007) and Eddy’s been there since 2014 (when Grant left) and Sam Mac since 2016. Fairly consistent.

Meanwhile, how many turnovers did Studio 10 have between ‘Sproutgate’ and now? With the exception of Sarah, Joe and Ange, everyone else is either gone or completely new which is why it drove viewers away (loss of chemistry and vibe being the other factor).






LOL! riveting television.


How do you think they will try and explain Joe’s absence when they start up for the year? When do new eps start?



And what do you mean Joe’s absence?


He’s convinced that Joe’s on I’m A Celeb.


Oh right. Fair enough.


Hangover, slept in, held up in traffic.


Thursday 3 January -

Angela Bishop hosting with Leah McLeod, Peter Berner and Joe on the panel.