Studio 10


You just have to look at the post count in this thread to see that he’s not really that wrong, out of all of the morning shows this is clearly the one which people pick on the most.


Right! She should be doing all the infomercials too! I mean that’s the last half hour of the show anyway. The end bit is pre recorded you do know that right?


Tuesday -

Natarsha Belling hosting with Kerri-Anne, Angela and Benedict Brook on the panel today with Karl Schmid the 5th panellist.

Sarah is back tomorrow.


Wednesday & Thursday -

Sarah hosting with Jo Casamento, Peter Berner and Angela on the panel.

Friday -

Sarah hosting with Jo Casamento,Antoinette Lattouf and Angela Bishop on the panel.


KAK has revealed she’ll be increasing her days on the show next year from two to three in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.


They should just give KAK her own show and the 2 Denise’s can do a show and release Sarah.


… give her a show for 3 days a week? Why?


Monday 24 December -

Angela Bishop hosting with Kerri-Anne,Jono Coleman and Peter Berner on the panel.


There is a Christmas Day show tomorrow from 8.30am. In the promo, Ange said “Plus, a live performance from Samantha Jade…”

Highly doubt it though.


You know the word “live” has a few meanings right?

They obviously mean live as in live in studio, instead of a recorded song. Not live as in live to air.



The Christmas set absolutely destroys the regular set. It’s perfect for the show.



Which studio has the Christmas show been recorded in?? I agree, it looks good.


KAK chucking Brussels sprouts at Joe and Denise saying nothing says festive season like Brussels sprouts…and she hasn’t even had a champers yet. :joy:


They’re really flogging a dead horse with this aren’t they?


Just seemed awkward. Nobody really laughed because it’s still a touchy subject.


They really need to let it go. It’s quite pathetic now.



The Living Room studio by the looks.